05 M7 Headlights not working - Stumped

Jun 23, 2004
Black Diamond, WA
M7 EFI. Fired up first time yesterday, prep for first ride this week.
Has no headlights, high or low beam. All other lights, gauge, tail/brake light all work.
Headlights worked last season, sure of it.
Checked usual suspect areas, plug connections, all wiring that is even remotely visible.
Read about wires rubbing through to tail light, doubt that since tail light works fine. Opened up handlebar switch block, probed yellow wire. (13v source to dimmer switch). No power there. No power at plug in front of fuel tank yellow wire.
inspected as much as possible down by wiring junction at front of tunnel where everything splits and no obviously chaffed or broken wire. Sled is clean, stored in trailer. Corrosion is not rampant. All plug connections look good. Most all were coated with dielectric back in the day by me.
Can’t access a wiring diagram but read that all lighting runs off of single stator. IE if twilight and gauge lights work then stator is good. VR I suppose is good, no blown bulbs.

only strange symptom is I seemed to have to pull start it more times than normal after sitting over the off season, but idk if it was ever started periodically this summer. After 20 or so pulls it charged enough to run. Runs the same as always ( low rpms only moving around the driveway now, don’t want to fry the ecm with no load from lights.)

Only other elect issue is Speedo wires pulled out of speed sensor but that has been that way for a few years now I think unrelated.

All suggestions are welcome. This is perplexing.
Thank you!
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