05 KTM EXC as a snow bike

Nov 26, 2007
Going to jump in to riding snow bikes this season and bought the KTM and a Raw 120 kit with TSS. The bike has the timbersled intake on it and the previous owner made some engine blankets. Any tips on setting this bike up? Appreciate the help.


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Nov 27, 2007
Missoula, Montana
when we started riding the first year of timbersleds my pal had this bike. Not a powerhouse, assume you have a 450, but we had barrels of fun.
RAW kit, find some stiffer springs, put air in one of the forks on the bike, about 22lbs. Like to tinker, ditch the radiators and put on a heat exchanger, not sure how good dan's bike could have run back in the day, we were pretty innocent of what it took to maintain 180 plus heat in the motor.
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