02 Summit 700 main jetting

Nov 9, 2008
Anyone aware of mikuni main jet discrepancy with their main jets in the 500-520 range. If so what have ya'all done to tune a 700 in light of the discrepancy? Reading on doo talk and found a thread saying to run 490-510 non N jets and change stock needles to stock needles from 00 stock 800 carbs part # ending in 942. Couldnt quit tell if this setup was for the 800 or 700 by reading through the thread. Can anyone shed some light on the issue or tell me what jetting works for 5000-8000ft on a 02 700? Thanks!
Nov 26, 2007
Do not use 510, 520, 530, etc jets. They are Leaner than 500. Polaris fixed the Mikuni scale error over 500 with their "N" jets. To follow the proper steps between jet sizes, in order of becoming richer, the sequence is 500, 510N, 520N, 530N, 540N, 550N, and 560N. To use standard labeled jets, 510N=540, 520N=560, 530N=600, 540N=620, 550N=660, and 560N=700. Since the "N" jets are no longer available from Polaris, just substitute the corresponding equivalent size.
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