1. N

    2003 Polaris Vertical Escape Part Out

    Having a hard time posting pics here, but if you give me an email, I can send them to you (I can't text them though). Blew up the top end and toasted a cylinder, so parting it out. Make an offer on any components you need: -2001 700 RMK Bottom End (it had a motor transplant) is still good...
  2. Arctic-Duramax

    1100t Vertical Post Kit

    Looking for Cat's vertical steering post kit. Preferably new.
  3. R

    2003 Vertical Escape, needs crank, $2250

    I am selling my 2003 Polaris Vertical Escape. 2909 miles. 159:" track (in great shape) It has one issue, hence the great buy: the crank went out. It was not catastrophic, in fact still runs, but obviously poorly and the crank needs to be replaced. A rebuilt crank (and new pistons to be safe)...
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