1. Marty UT

    Boondockers 14 Premiere & Utah Avalanche Center Fundraiser Party - October 21, 2017

    Boondockers 14 Premiere & Utah Avalanche Center Fundraiser Party - October 21, 2017 Tickets at www.utahavalanchecenter.org/event/boondockers-14 We are excited to announce that the Boondockers 14 premiere is at a new, larger venue this year...The Depot. As part of the move, there will only be...
  2. A

    Soapstone Conditions

    Anyone been out soapstone this week? Looking to go Friday for a break in ride, just trying to see what I'm getting into.
  3. I

    Lost my GoPro 3++ up Wolf Creek, UT

    Lost my Silver GoPro3++ snowmobiling today up Wolf Creek area (Utah, above Woodland). It has the name KyleysGoPro. It fell off on the road between Knoblits parking lot and the turn off. If anyone found this, I would appreciate it if you gave me a call. This was a gift from my wife for...
  4. FocusJR

    Moving to Utah

    I am finally leaving the flat lands behind and moving to Utah. My new job would be near Tremonton. I have been mountain riding for 8 years but only a few times per year during a vacation. I am looking forward to being able to ride all winter. I'd be open to hearing people's opinion on good...
  5. A

    Any Salt Lake City Riders?

    Any ladies on here from Salt Lake City or anywhere in the surrounding area? I have no other women to ride with.
  6. B

    Utah Riding Videos

    Heres a couple go pro clips of boondocking i made over the christmas break. I thought i'd share. riding the turbo here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xZehDUHbCQ stock pro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSl1KHpZLmM The second one was kinda funny...
  7. S

    Never ride alone again in Utah!

    I have been wanting to set up a thread for people to connect. Hoping that this thread could be a place for people to find a group to ride with so they don't have to ride alone. We have all been there before, when our regular riding buddies can't go or you want to check out somewhere new but...
  8. N

    New 2014 Pro Red Panels to trade for White Panels

    I'm looking to trade my 2014 Polaris Pro red side panels for some new white panels. Salt Lake City, Ut. 801-739-2312
  9. S

    Picked up a new sled (new to me) , Wheres the snow?

    Hi, I just picked up a sled yesterday and I want to go ride it. Any suggestions where will still have some good or decent snow? I realize that it is dependent on recent storms but the snowbase is still important too (fence posts, rocks, stumps =:face-icon-small-fro). I generally ride...
  10. S

    Skyline Snowmobile Complex

    The Skyline Snowmobile Complex, located near the towns of Fairview, Ephraim, and Mayfield, Utah is a great place for back-country boondocking. For a free trail map of the area visit: http://sanpete.com/pages/snowmobile
  11. D

    146 Freeride New Member Dykman146 Utah

    Hello, I am a new member to snowest, currently reside in the Salt Lake City area but am native to Idaho. I have been snowmobiling for around 10 years and love the days were the snow is deep and there is no end in sight. currently on the new freeride 146 and this sled handles like none i have...
  12. G

    Xtreme Snowmobile 2011 GRASS DRAG schedule

    Here is our current 2011 grass drag schedule. I will keep it updated if there are any changes to be made. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. End of Sept. race TBA Oct. 8th Logan, Ut Oct. 15th Malad, Id Oct. 29th Honeyville, Ut Nov. 5th Pocatello, Id Stay current by liking our...
  13. A

    2007 Yamaha Apex MNT SE

    2007 Apex Mountain Special Edition. 1000 cc, Black and Red. Sled is stock. 162” Track is in great shape. 750 miles, runs great, sounds great, no problems. Also has the Fox Float shocks. Only ridden one time this season, just don't have time to ride. Includes cover. Alo will include beacon and...
  14. B

    Where to ride in AZ

    Been living in PHX for about 9 years now and my life was snowmobiling until I moved to the heat of AZ. Every year I fly back to Wisconsin and put on some miles. Thankfully I have access to a ride up there (2010 snopro 500) bitchin machine. Anyway, I am planning on picking up a used M8 and have...
  15. M

    Utah Snowmobile Dyno???

    I just purchased a powercommander V for my boosted Nytro and was told that the dynojet shop in Salt Lake would dial it in for me on their dyno... WRONG!! Now I have a new fuel controller with no map and am headed up to the hills tomorrow. Anyone know of a shop who will dyno-tune my sled for...
  16. M

    So you think you're hardcore....check this out

    Found this on SteepnCheap. Reality check.....this is just plain nuts! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLKwYzSLW_g
  17. D

    Uintas December 22 vid

    Not as good as BossRev's, but we FLatlanders try... http://www.vimeo.com/18169757
  18. harrysmith500

    Utah Concealed Weapon Permit Class this Saturday at 10:30 AM @ Noah's in S. Jordan

    My buddies have a sweet company, Discreet Tactical, and they are teaching the Utah Concealed Weapons class this Saturday @ 10:30 AM @ Noah's in South Jordan. Pre-register @ their website, http://discreettactical.com/. It's $40 and includes your picture and everything you need to get done, all...
  19. mtnpull

    Utah's very own MAX thread

    A place where Utahn's (others are welcome as well unless you feel the need to moderate it) can go to post, bs, hang out, call each other gay, post cool pics, hi jack the thread and get off topic. Everybody is welcome.....unless you are uptight. *Inspired by the off topic ride with rasmussen...
  20. S

    06 M7 162 EFI Attack 20 w/ Warranty. $4750.00 Utah

    I have my 2006 Arctic Cat M7 EFI 162” Attack 20 for sale. It was purchased brand new in Oct of 2005 from south valley motor sports in Salt Lake with a 4 year warranty. Come October the Sled will have exactly one year of warranty remaining. Arctic Cat warranties are indeed transferable. The Title...
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