1. Tonysnoo

    complete turbo system for M8 or ???

    I have a complete turbo system that I can part off of my TM8 Here is a link to a thread where the whole sled is for sale you can see the system as installed: https://www.snowest.com/forum/threads/two-m8s-one-turboed-trailer-sled-deck-gear-etc.450872/#post-4227226 From the motor out exhaust...
  2. Tonysnoo

    Sleds Trailer Sled Deck and lots of extras - getting out of sport

    Retiring from the sport after 40+ great years I have two 156 M8s with electronic reverse. Turbo M8: OVS style turbo package with some of my own drivability/reliability mods: Tial 2871 - 4" Intake housing w/fresh CHRA Single throttle body system w 4 injectors Intercooler, Fueling programmed for...
  3. T

    2009 dragon 800 turbo, altitude change

    Hey guys. Running 09 dragon 800, boondocker turbo kit, controler, boost controler, and timing modal. Running 105 octane. I just recently moved from colorado to new Hampshire . Boondocker isnt being much help. Trying to get a set of starting numbers and they claim they dont have any for low...
  4. M

    2008 M8 with OVS Turbo kit for sale or trade for proclimb

    I have a 2008 M8 with an OVS turbo kit, sled has 17xx miles super clean and a great looking sled, one of the best looking M-chassis out there! Sled has fox shocks all the way around, 09 A-arms, 09 skid, Vanamburg tunnel, SLP Powder pro skis, Boss seat, Headlight delete kit, Vent kit, Pure logic...
  5. turbo800

    Powder Freak 850 Head

    Anybody running a Powder Freak head on their G4 850 turbo? Thoughts? Good or Bad... https://powderfreaks.net/products/ski-doo-850-billet-head
  6. S

    Assault 800 Silber Turbo Clutching

    Anyone out there boost their 800 Axys Assault 144? I have the 2” track on mine, usually run 7# at 8,000-10,000’ with 73.75 grams weight. I ran the springs that came in the Silber kit but looking for more insight on helix/springs if there are better options out there. Haven’t found much on...
  7. A

    2003 MCXpress Turbo RX1 /162 (RX#1)

    Was known as RX#1 and I have the aftermarket fiberglass hood with that on it. I was told this was one of the first turbo 4 strokes around and was the game changer at the big iron shoot out. Has a CBS performance sticker on the tunnel. Has head shim, makes 300hp on av gas, 240hp on pump gas...
  8. S

    polaris pro silber turbo

    need help I have a 2015 Polaris pro with a silber turbo last year run good until middle of the year , anyways it started to run a little funny when I was into the gas hard it would do good but as soon as I let off and go to get back into it it would almost die on me , any help would be greatly...
  9. T

    153x3 PC or 156x3.2 CE?

    Hello everybody, stuck on which track to put on a proclimb w/ race turbo, 153x3 powerclaw or 156x3.2 challenger extreme? I ride utah, wy, and Montana. What works better is bottomless pow, and which one hooks better in set up snow?
  10. C

    Thermostat Questions (2012 Silber Pro RMK)

    Hi guys. Just in the final stages of putting my 12' Silber Pro back together and was going to do the "$28 dollar" thermostat mod. I am interested to see if anyone else running a Turbo on their pro has done this. I could not get mine to fit without many hoses and parts rubbing together causing...
  11. F

    Proclimb turbo kit

    Proclimb turbo kit: SOLD SOLD Sold sold. I have a push turbo throttle body before turbo setup. Comes with everything plus the throttle position sensor, extra straps for securing wiring, the pod 300 mount I made, and the modified heat shield that guards the ecu. It's Still on the sled so I...
  12. C

    Ring Gap

    Tried to do a search but couldn't come up with anything. I am in the middle of rebuilding my 12' Pro with a Silber turbo. What is everyone setting their ring gap at? Thanks!
  13. MTNTK

    MTNTK Performance 2019 Turbo Launch

    Mountain Tek Performance is proud to announce the most capable kit on the market today, at the absolute best value. The next evolution in two stroke turbocharger kits. All new for the Arctic Cat 8000 Ascender Platform is our feature packed turbocharger kit built for the hard core extreme riding...
  14. A

    2006 Turbo Apex 163 $5000 WA

    On the block is a blue 2006 Apex mtx 163 with a McXpress 290hp intercooled turbo professionally installed with only 1400 miles. I also have the 2stage controller if you want to run ethanol and boost to 325hp.... I have never seen the need. A true Revelstoke sled. The turbo setup was over 9K...
  15. B

    What turbo is this?

    Hey Everyone, New to the forum and my first post :) I just picked up a 2015 Pro-RMK 800 w/turbo but the dealer didn't know anything about it other than run race fuel. Anyone know what this is by chance? Really appreciate any input or thoughts.
  16. B

    800 etec turbo afrs

    What kind of afrs are people seeing while cruising down the trail at around 6k rpms? Took mine out for a test ride last weekend after installing a turbo kit and was seeing crazy high number on the trail. At WOT I was around 12.5 but just cruising it was 19 to 20. Is this safe? Totally new to...
  17. 4

    2010 Turbo Yamaha Nytro

    Selling this dealer demo 2010 Yamaha Nytro. The sled has 7,500 miles, but has been very well maintained and had a fresh engine at 6,000 miles. It has a like new camso accent 162"×15"×2.25" track on it. The turbo kit is a 330 hp MCXPRESS system that was professionally installed. It also has a...
  18. C

    Wanting to trade 2008 Yamaha Nitro Turbo 162

    My son acquired this sled on a trade and it is way more sled than his riding skills of one season is a good match for. 2008 Nitro with Impulse turbo kit, custom seat, fuel tank, CR Racing tunnel with 162 track. This sled is an absolute monster, it would be the ultimate in deep powder and and any...
  19. Roundy800


    Vipec for sale fits Polaris 800 from 2011-2015. Computer is open is you can do whatever you want to do. This thing can do about anything you want to do. sold Pro and went to a axys $600 shipped lower 48, will ship canada or alaska for little more.
  20. F

    Crf450r boondocker Tuning help?

    Hey, Im new and was told to try joining here to see if I can find some input/help. Anyone with a boondocker turbo kit for a 2014 crf450r or close to that and have a base line or suggestions where to start with the fueling numbers and settings? Also what is a reliable boost level? Not looking for...
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