1. S

    Timbersled fit kit

    Bought a used 19 ARO and a new 19KX 450. It came off a husky 501. I ordered a new fit kit back in early November. I still do not have the fit kit and I called the dealer today and they don’t even have a delivery date! My friend is a machinist and can make me some bushings but i can not find any...
  2. D

    2015 Timbersled snow track

    I am selling my 2014 timbersled 120 kit, took off a 2013 KTM 500 in cascade, ID asking $2,600 obo.
  3. P

    Timbersled Swingarm Bushing Failure

    Anyone else had this happen? Bushings on my 2016 TS Short track seem to have completely failed on the last ride. I have about 25-30 hours on the kit. It rode okay but felt SUPER sloppy. I'm worried that my swingarm bolt is damaged from this. First, an animation showing the bike getting...
  4. M

    Timbersled tunnel bag option

    Thought I’d share an option for tunnel storage that worked on a last minute trip. Outdoors products waist pack 11$ at Walmt. Tied one end- use of clips were to long for fit.
  5. M

    Timbersled aro tunnel storage option

    Thought I’d share a cheap tunnel bag option for those looking. Outdoor products waist packs. Purchased at Walmart 11 dollars each. . I needed storage for a last minute trip and will be keeping the on. Worked geat. One will fit three cans and a few tools
  6. S

    2018 yz450f and 2018 TS Aro 120le

    2018 yz450f has 14 hours on it all snow except 30 minutes of a ride before i put the ts on it. 2018 ARO 120LE with tss. This is an amazing setup with the new rotopax gas can built for the aro. Has thermobob installed frog skniz over the intakes, led headlight, bar risers, hand gaurds and...
  7. M

    2009 Polaris Assault- Timbersled $4750

    2009 Polaris Assault 2100 miles 2010 Engine upgrade kit SLP Pipe/silencer combo Fox Evo Shocks Fiberglass lightweight hood (comes with stock red hood as well) Timbersled rear suspension Drop and roll kit 2.5" Camoplast track Better board running boards Timbersled wrap Polaris gas tank holder...
  8. S

    Husky FE501 Bogging & Popping Issues

    I have a 2016 FE501 that has been a dedicated snowbike for the past two winter seasons. Admittedly, I have not done much maintenance on it other than oil changes since it became a full-time snow bike, but it has been very solid. I got it out for the first time this season over the weekend and...
  9. M

    *SOLD* 2012 Big Bore KX470 14 TS LT

    Ready to ride is a 2012 KX450 with a cylinderworks 470 Big Bore kit and stage 2 hot cams. Bike mods include engine jacket, thermobob, temp gauge, pod filter and a Dobek AFR fuel controller. I just put on some new plastics and a new seat cover. TS kit is a 2014 LT that has ice scratchers, fuel...
  10. J

    2019 Timbersled Ambassors

    Hi guys I'll start off this thread so there's a common place for the Timbersled Ambassors to introduce themselves. My goal here is to connect the dots between riders and official company information. Each Ambassor will be in a specific geographic area and every one of us will have a different...
  11. sledhed

    Timbersled intake for Polaris IQ Raw Dragon RMK

    Timbersled intake system for 2007 - 2011 IQ Raw / Dragon / RMK 600 700 800 - brand new never installed. Paid over $200 for this, never got around to using it, was going to use it with the Mountain Fit lexan hood I also have for sale, no longer have the Dragon... $70 plus shipping :brokenheart:
  12. T

    WTB used 120" track

    Looking for a used 2" or 2.5" paddle 120" track for a custom snowbike build (right hand chain drive and budget). Private msg or you can txt me 819-699-9803 Thanks
  13. 1

    2016 TIMBERSLED MH ST 120

    2016 Timbersled MH ST 120, MoCo Engineering wheel kit, triple point carbide, 3 gal. Fuel tank/rack, Mountain slide in storage bag. 30-35 hrs. In great condition. Fit kit for 2017 KTM 500 available. $2800. Pete 541-806-2330.
  14. gr8skidoo


    CRF150R WITH A MOTO-TRAX 120 ENDURO KIT INCLUDES: 1 GALLON ROTO PAX FUEL CAN HAND GAURDS HEATED GRIPS WITH BATTERY PACK call 425-391-4490 or email remko@i-90motorsports.com WHY THE ENDURO.120? Do you want to freeride, boondock, and explore the snow-covered hills, mountains and...
  15. gr8skidoo

    TIMBERSLED Clearance sale!!!! I-90 Motorsports save $2000

    TIMBERSLED CLEARANCE!!!! Description On Hand Sale PRICE 2018 ARO DEMO UNITS AVALIABLE ALSO CALL FOR DETAILS 17 MTN HORSE 120 BLACK 7079 NEW IN CRATE 1 $3,699.00 save $1600 17 MTN HORSE 137 BLACK 0130NEW IN CRATE 1 $3,999.99 save $2000 17 MTN HORSE 137 BLACK 0131NEW IN CRATE 1 $3,999.99 save...
  16. S

    Timbersled shocks question

    Hi, Last year, I built a snow bike and I want to do another one this year. I would like to use the timbersled shocks to built my new suspension, but I don't have the shocks measures. Can someone tell me the lengths of the two shocks and their stroke? Thank you. :face-icon-small-hap
  17. 4

    141" & 144" tracks, drivers & extensions for sale

    Long tracks, drivers, rail & tunnel extensions for sale. Two tracks, both are 2.52 pitch and 2" paddle 12.5 wide. The 141" is used and I'd sell cheaper. The 144" is like new. If you have a newer 2.86 pitch kit don't worry, I have 2.52 avid extrovert drivers I'd also like to sell. I also have...
  18. S

    Homebuilt 2015 YZ450f Turbo Kit for Timbersled for under 1500 bucks!!

    Hello all, I decided to go turbo this year on my yz450 but didn't want to buy the KMS Turbo kit for 5k so, as a mechanical engineer, I decided to make my own kit and pocket a lot of savings. This thread will be my progress and its thouroughness will depend on the interest that I get. I feel...
  19. S

    Timbersled 2018 aro spindle fail

    I know I'm new here but I just wanted to let everyone know that the new aro spindle is weak at the top where it bolts to the forks. If you go on there website and look at the top of the spindle and compare it to the ones out for mass production there completely different. The spindle on there...
  20. S

    Timbersled shocks

    Hi, Last year, I built a snow bike and I want to do another one this year. I would like to use the timbersled shocks to built my new suspension, but I don't have the shocks measures. Can someone tell me the lengths of the two shocks and their stroke? Thank you.:face-icon-small-hap
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