1. mtnpull

    Thanks button gone

    Is it just me or is the thanks button now gone?
  2. Wheel House Motorsports

    attack of the new functions!!

    so whos gonna be the frist to max out all there bars? DO IT!!!
  3. A

    For those who are looking at buying a Garmin Rino 530 hcx...

    Just found this.... http://www8.garmin.com/whatsNew/currentpromotions/pdfs/520HCx_530HCx_rebate.pdf 50 buck rebate back from Garmin... http://pcnation.com/web/details.asp?item=6G0655&GEN0=Y http://www.buydig.com/shop/product.aspx?sku=GRR530HCX#top ....bringing the price to 306ish...
  4. W

    2000 Honda TRX 90

    one owner, low miles, kids outgrew 4 weeler. $2000 OBO everything works, origional tires Locater in Boise Idaho area call 208-412-2162
  5. S

    shredding BC pow

    Here is a segment (ME) of the new dvd coming out next week. It's called "POW Made In BC". check it out at www.roopsofhazard.com/index1.html click on video 3. 55 minute feature with 25 minute bonus movie for only $20
  6. A

    Anyone heard or used these helmets??

    Saw this ad on KTM talk... under 3 lbs for 150.... http://www.rockgardn.com/
  7. O

    Pictures from 4th of July riding??? Post 'em here!

    I know that some of you were riding. Tell us all about it!!! Let's see those photos. ;)
  8. P

    07 apex powderlites turbo

    07 with 28RS turbo. 162 camo extreme with cr/fastrax m-10. Also boss seat. It has 900 miles on sled. 13,000 obo.
  9. W

    Official mountain riding/mountain mod sled picture thread.

    This is the picture place. Feel free to post your mountain riding pics with your mountain sled. Any year. Thanks! Jay
  10. cubby

    TAG handle bars

    I would like to put some new hand wamers on but can not seem to find out where to buy them. Any one know somewhere? Thanks
  11. S

    2000 Honda XR200 wifes bike orig tire

    very rarely ridden 2000 honda xr200 dirt bike. still has original tires. Never aggressively ridden. wife's bike. Never gets ridden. I fire it up every summer a few times and ride it around the neighbourhood. Has less then 30 hrs total! Asking $1700 cdn. won't last long. Northern BC canada
  12. P

    Wedge Tunnel Advice.

    Ok, here is my insanity. Back ground: Two Ultras. One rolled chaincase, 165 2x156, Big bore, boss seat. The other stock. I want to run a 162 x 2.5 on the BB but can't since my chaincase is too short center to center. Also, since the tunnel and bulk head of that sled is already swiss...
  13. S

    just posted a new powder riding video

    check out the new video here video
  14. D

    cabin to rent

    looking for a cabin to rent in jan or feb 09 have 4 to 6 guys looking to stay for a week looking for somthing of the beaten path looking for some where in the snowies that you can ride from the door stayed at the wycolo last year and like the area thanks
  15. I

    Simmons Cooling Fin - Any good?

    Anybody try the simmons cooling fin, Do they work?
  16. T


    THUNDERSTRUCK 7 TEASER time! **UPDATED/FIXED** After an absolutely awesome year of filming, Team Thunderstruck is ready to show the world a little taste of THUNDERSTRUCK 7! We really concentrated on shot selection this year, not just on hill-climbing. . . Look for dramatic backdrops, new...
  17. SAWYER

    2008 700 Dragon, 155 For Sale

    ********SOLD******** 2008 Polaris 700 Dragon, 155 1471 Miles *Holz rear suspension with Fox floats, $2000 *Holz front cooler removal (like the D8's), $49 *Holz scratchers, $50 *Fox float front shocks, $700 *Tri City Polaris front bumper, $389 *Carls cycle custom cut SLP Powder pro skis...
  18. sledboy82

    Togwotee or Big Horns?

    I'm just wondering out of the two places where is the best place to go. I need some imput. Togwotee would be 4 hrs ferther for me but I heard they get the most snow. Also what are the names of some places to stay in Togwotee and the Big Horns.
  19. Blu Du

    what happend to team 2 thread= FYI

    yesterday team 2 posted a thread fyi he is selling abs. people were giving him s h i t about not paying his 509 bill. the thread is gone now just when it was getting interesting.
  20. W

    08 Nytro MTX w/ BD GT 2860 Turbo & More f/s

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!!! 08 Nytro MTX w/ BD GT 2860 Turbo $??????? Well no body bought it so starting all over...Check back at Washington Snow Show!!!! 08 Nytro MTX w/ Reverse $9250.00 BoonDockers Turbo 2860 $6000.00 Timbersled Front End $850.00 Timbersled Rear Susp $1575.00 Fox...
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