1. E

    Custom Gas tank

    I have an idea to weld a custom gas tank for my Mountian Cat. To save weight and to add strength I would incoperate the frame from steering post to tunnel into the gas tank as I would get higher volume and double tank as structural. What is a con to this and has anyone ever tried this?
  2. S

    Problem with tie rods on 2016 M8000

    Hey there everyone! I just picked a 2016 M8000 limited about 2 days ago from craigslist. I was checking it over when I got it home and saw that the tie rods were rubbing on the left A-Arm (if you're looking at it from the front). I looked at the right side and saw the right tie rod is a bit bent...
  3. M

    Play in Steering Column?

    Just bought a new 2016 Pro RMK Axys 800 a few days ago and haven't even taken it for its first ride yet. Loaded onto the sled deck and unloaded into the garage. Checking it out in the garage last night, I noticed the steering column had a solid 1/8 inch of play in it when pulling straight up on...
  4. V

    WMS seering support?

    Hows this thing install? Do you have to cut the top of the post off to slide the bushing on or hows it work? Ive dine some reasearch and this part sounds like it works very well and id love to run it just cant find anything about how to install it.
  5. Arctic-Duramax

    1100t Vertical Post Kit

    Looking for Cat's vertical steering post kit. Preferably new.
  6. P

    Suspention, electrical and steering issues

    Before I get into tearing my 2007 rmk 600 apart... 1st: Can I rebuild my rear and front shocks or should I just replace them? 2nd: My speedo gauge flickers, sometimes doesn't stay on and my reverse light is staying on even when not engaged. 3rd: my steering has way too much play in it, is there...
  7. N

    Limiter Strap So much Ski pressure

    Hello, Has anyone tried letting out the limiter strap one or more holes to lighten up the steering and handling. These things have so much ski pressure on hard snow. If so how did it affect other things. Did the seat height go up? Does it get to light in the front end to steer it on a trail...
  8. C

    08 800 PTEC Summit X XP 163 help

    My 5' tall girlfriend recently purchased an 08 800 PTEC Summit X XP 163. She was riding a 800 rev 151. She is having problems getting the XP to lay over on its side to side hill. We are looking at the S36 package to help with this issue. My main question about this sled is that I have rode...
  9. shelbwyo

    Counter Steering Questions. Opinions?

    This last weekend my family took a trip down the the Snowy Range to get in some deep snow and learn some new riding area, and for the half of the day on friday we were on our own and didnt get to far off the trail but found some good tree/powder riding. I was riding my 97 RMK and was struggling...
  10. S

    handling question for the m-series

    Just started riding the m-series style sled this year. The wife and i both think the front end plows terribly bad, (when letting off the throttle), my son tells me it's "how" it is supossed to be you just gotta learn to ride it. Maybe i am still just not used to the new style of sled after...
  11. ←snow∞motion→

    2007 Apex MTX

    Bought a new 2007 Apex from the dealer and took it out finally. It's bare stock, exactly as it comes from Yamaha, and it seems good but I noticed a couple of things. I've been riding a 1997 Exciter, and obviously the way you ride is very different, but I'm concerned about two things. First, I...
  12. P

    WTB: steering shaft for 1997 mountain max trip. 700

    steering shaft broke @ plate below bars. need to find a replacement. 97 700 triple
  13. F

    Proper Ski Alignment

    Jeff talks about the proper way to align skis. Click here to watch video
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