steering post

  1. F

    M-Series ModRod M-Rite support

    Wanted. M-Series ModRod M-Rite support For bottom of steering post so bulkhead doesn’t crack.
  2. V

    WMS seering support?

    Hows this thing install? Do you have to cut the top of the post off to slide the bushing on or hows it work? Ive dine some reasearch and this part sounds like it works very well and id love to run it just cant find anything about how to install it.
  3. C

    38" zbroz, stock shocks and zbroz steering fix

    Well now that the snow has fallen I actually got around to getting all the stuff I picked up over the summer install. Nothing like waiting till the minute AFTER the last minute. Just thought I would post some info on this set up. First off the zbroz steering post rocks. Did have dealer install...
  4. B

    05-06 Arctic Cat M Series/Crossfire Steering Post

    SOLD This is a stock steering post for a 2005 or 2006 M Series (M5, M6 & M7) and Crossfire (600 & 700). The post fills part numbers: 1705-023 and 1705-368. There is no damage and it’s in perfect working condition. Price is $64 new. Asking $40, shipped to lower 48. I’ll sell to Alaska or...
  5. D

    05 King Cat Stock Parts

    Time to clean out the garage of all my stock parts. They come off a 2005 King Cat 900 EFI, orange: 1. Stock Can $20 2. Stock Pipe $35 3. Stock Y-pipe $35 4. Stock steering post $20 (SOLD) 5. Stock rack $20 6. Stock bumper $20 7. Stock Skis (orange) $60 8. Stock front shocks $80 (SOLD) 9...
  6. P

    04 Escape steering post

    Polaris Escape steering post, T-type top, not like Edge flat top. part # 1821478-067 $60 shipped. SOLD
  7. P

    2008 Yamaha Phazer gauge cluster

    I need a gauge cluster and steering post for a 2008 phazer MTX.
  8. A

    F/S M-Series Adjustable Steering Post *new*

  9. R

    2003 800 rmk first day problems

    I bought a 2003 vertical escape this summer with a broken crankshaft, put a new crank in, and took it out for the first day of the season today. If seemed to run really well on the trail, but once i started getting into a little powder and climbing little stuff I was floored basically the whole...
  10. F

    another "foreword mount steering post" question

    so, i contacted wildchild about a steering post for my 600 efi. (i emailed on sun night got a response that same night) any way they said my air box will not work for the foreword post mount and maby a king cat or other 900 air box can be swaped.:confused: so i was hoping that those of you that...
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