1. M

    What are your opinions on this youth sled??

    Hey guys, I am looking for a snow sled for my kid. I posted 5 days ago, and sorry for bothering you. I want to make my son happy and buy him this snow sled. What are your thoughts on this product?
  2. M

    MotoTrax Snowbike kit

    Hello, I just wanted to show you guys the new snowbike kit that will be coming to the market soon. It is built by MotoTrax and has been designed to work great in all conditions, even the trail! feel free to check it out on facebook, Our website will be out soon...
  3. E

    2009 M1000 SnoPro LE

    2009 Arctic Cat M1000 Snow Pro LE for sale. This is a great running sled with no issues! Always stored inside. Currently 1070 miles, Timber Sled revalved & upgraded shocks, upgraded running boards, telescoping handle bars, Boss seat, SLP exhaust can, Simmons Gen. 3 skis, geared down, gauge cage...
  4. S

    2014 Polaris 800 Assault 155 w/Boondocker Turbo

    2014 Polaris 800 Assault 155 w/Bondocker Turbo 155" Powder track , not the competition track. I run ZBroz during the season but it's sold so the suspension is back to stock and is basically new. 2cool side panel and clutch venting Headlight delete and venting Full 2014 Boondocker Turbo kit...
  5. colorado_matt

    VIDEO-enjoying fresh spring snow on PRO RMK

    Last week we received 18 inches of new snow. It's been a great year with the 2014 PRO RMK's and hopefully another storm or two will continue to extend the season. These sleds are TOO MUCH FUN and just can't get enough! sWSDaVc4inc
  6. 0

    Snow in air box

    So I have a 03 pro-x 800. Every time I hit a drift snow gets in the air box then it will run like ****. All of my filters are good, and the seals between the carbs and the air box. I can't figure out how it's getting in there and it's very frustrating because everytime I have to take it apart...
  7. S

    Never ride alone again in Utah!

    I have been wanting to set up a thread for people to connect. Hoping that this thread could be a place for people to find a group to ride with so they don't have to ride alone. We have all been there before, when our regular riding buddies can't go or you want to check out somewhere new but...
  8. S

    Which gas to use? 91 OCT w/ethanol or 88 OCT w/o ethanol

    I have been pondering this question for a while and have heard a few opinions but I would like the some thoughts from the SW squad. I am wondering which will be better for power, wear, performance, ect between using 91 octane fuel with 10% ethanol or 88 octane without ethanol in my sled...
  9. R

    Klim Powerxross Pullover $260 Shipped

    I have the following Powerxross Pullovers, brand new with tags ready to ship. Med - Orange Ebay Link XL - Orange Ebay Link Med - Black Ebay Link Thanks
  10. S

    Picked up a new sled (new to me) , Wheres the snow?

    Hi, I just picked up a sled yesterday and I want to go ride it. Any suggestions where will still have some good or decent snow? I realize that it is dependent on recent storms but the snowbase is still important too (fence posts, rocks, stumps =:face-icon-small-fro). I generally ride...
  11. B

    Cr500 in Snowmobile?

    This might be a stupid question, but why not? Would running a cr500 engine in a totally custom chromoly chassis be reasonable? It wouldn't be ran in deep powder, just drift busting and trail riding. So, what is bad about this idea, light frame + light engine. I know the clutch system would need...
  12. I

    Possible conditions this winter?

    what have you heard about this years winter in minnesota? obviously it cant get any worse than last year (:beer;), but ive heard its gonna get colder, and ive heard its going to snow like crazy. im just curious to see what the majority opinion is..
  13. C

    Crooked Creek's March Special!

    :gossip: In an effort to help out all our fellow snowmobilers in the "snow-less" tundra of the midwest - you know who you are....MN, WI, IA, ND, SD, MI, IL, we are offering a March 2012 special! Rates as low as $35/night/person are available, depending on group size, length of stay...
  14. Y


    163 Track SLP Twins Under 1000 Miles Diamond S Powder Hood, Ice Scratchers Comes with All Stock parts. Snow Checked Sled Tunnel Bag Aluminum Front Bumper (360) 661-4867 Contact Jason for questions Located in Burlington, WA $7000 OBO
  15. A

    2011 Oxygen & Octane Expo, Oct. 7-9, Dena'ina Center, Anchorage, AK

    Free admission, first public debut of the new Iron Dog movie, "7 Days to Survive." Based on actual events of the grueling 2011 Iron Dog race. Meet-n-greet Iron Dog champs, see the 2012 sleds, huge sno-go/gear/ski swap. Join the Alaska State Snowmobile Club or other local clubs, help raise...
  16. A

    Oxygen & Octane Expo, Oct. 7-9, Dena'ina Center, Anchorage Alaska

    Free admission, first public debut of the new Iron Dog movie, "7 Days to Survive." Based on actual events of the grueling 2011 Iron Dog race. Meet-n-greet Iron Dog champs, see the 2012 sleds, huge sno-go/gear/ski swap. Join the Alaska State Snowmobile Club or other local clubs, help raise...
  17. N

    Most efficient snowmobile track? Lowest durometer?

    I'm taking part in a university project where we are building a robot weighing about 500 pounds. This robot will be running in the snow and have tracks on both its sides (tank style). The robot will run on solar power and will only reach a maximum speed of 5 mph. We are looking into running...
  18. L

    World Championship Hill Climb - March 24th -27th

    Hey all you sledheads, Mark your calendars for March 24th - 27th for the World CHampionship Snowmobile Hill Climbs. Every year it is attended by thousands to watch as the bravest of brave sprint to the top of the steepest run at Snow King Mountain Resort in the town of Jackson Hole...
  19. S

    Winter Activites in the Swedish Wilderness

    Hi All, Hope all is well, Please let me give you a little introduction into our company BFD travel & Events VIP service. To give you an insight into our concept please check out the amazing footage on this link at you tube We provide tailor made...
  20. I

    snow measurments in nw wyoming (Poll)

    I currently have a 1994 polaris indy lite (non-dlx or non-GT) with about 3800 miles on it. But the question is that ive known a lot of people that go out to wyoming every year and snowmobile around dubois, wy, and they have a cabin near union pass, in which they snowmobile there a lot. I havent...
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