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  1. Sled Solutions

    Skinz Ski Doo REV Airframe Seat - 1 Available

    If anyone is looking they are nearly impossible to find and we have one.
  2. Sled Solutions

    Hard to Find Items

    Another year and tons of shortages in the industry. Worst this year than ever which has a lot to do Covid for many and others this is just how they operate. I'll keep this thread updated when I find items we have that are on back order in case you're looking. Klim Aspect 16 Avy Bag - We have...
  3. Sled Solutions

    Heated and Non Heated Brake Levers IN STOCK!

    After being on back order for 6-8 months we finally have more heated and non heated brake levers for the Gen 4 850. If you've been looking do not wait, they will go fast and who knows when we'll see more. Link to Ski Doo Brake Levers
  4. Sled Solutions

    Seat Concepts Seats are back in production

    I think due to Covid they decided to not build Snowmobile seats all summer. If you've been waiting they are back online and about 30 days out on seats so now would be a good time to get your order in. We offer the complete line up...
  5. Jager Bomb 243

    ** SOLD ** 509 Carbon Fiber Altitude helmet. White Trace XL, like new condition.

    $200 plus shipping. Pretty much said everything in the title. Used lightly for 2 seasons. Never crashed or dropped. Has fidlok closure, comes with breath box (never used), and synch bag.
  6. Sled Solutions

    Skinz Gen 4 Post Foward Kits IN STOCK

    ON BACK ORDER but we have them.
  7. alexkravets

    2009 M1000 LE

  8. B

    Ski Doo 850

  9. C

    Looking for a good all around sled

    Hi I am just trying to figure out what sled would be best for me I currently trap and use a Yamaha rs venture it works great but is a very heavy sled I’d like something that’d be good for pulling heavy sleigh but also could go play in the powder once in a while. Is there anyway to get best of...
  10. B

    2010 Summit, Burnt out digital display

    Hi, so i've got a 2010 summit 800 everest with a burnt out digital display. It's half black and doesnt work anymore (picture attached). Not sure if this is related but the DESS light stays light all the time, and the sled still runs/rides fine. I've taken the cluster apart and gotten the...
  11. W

    1999 Mike Houle Mach Z, 2001 Thunder Cat

    1999 Mike Houle Mach Z and 2001 Thunder Cat Mountain Cat 1999 Mach Z- #11 of 500 Commemorative edition Mike Houle Mach Z, 184 1" Mega Bite studs, 10" carbides, crank shop can, 500 miles on Upper Peninsula (Michigan) trails, lakes, and airstrips. 2001 Mountain Cat- Trail ported 1000 1996 CDI...
  12. A

    2006 Turbo Apex 163 $5000 WA

    On the block is a blue 2006 Apex mtx 163 with a McXpress 290hp intercooled turbo professionally installed with only 1400 miles. I also have the 2stage controller if you want to run ethanol and boost to 325hp.... I have never seen the need. A true Revelstoke sled. The turbo setup was over 9K...
  13. M

    Boondocker "Sidekick Auto"

    Hi everyone! I want to give a review and comprehensive over view of the new Boondocker Sidekick Auto for the Ski Doo 850. I have spent the last few days pounding this sled and turbo package and want to share the experience. First off, I feel I should give a thorough breakdown of the Sidekick...
  14. D

    2018 Skidoo Summit 850X 154 2.5 track w/shot

    2018 skidoo Summut X 2.5 track with shot 20 miles. Lots of extras. Cover, skid plate, belt, usb plug, 4 linq brackets, adventure bumper (not installed yet), ggb mountain can, hot dogger cooker, ice scratchers, skinz windo bag, black ultra low windshield and a green ultra low windshield, small...
  15. gr8skidoo

    Stop by I-90 Motorsports 11/2/2017 Avalanche seminar and open house!

    We will have an open house all Afternoon (11/2/2017) and an avalanche seminar starting at 6:00pm!! (open to everyone!!) I-90 Motorsports is hosting Mike Duffy From Avalance1 again this year!! This year brings an All new classroom session avalanche lots of new things to learn or be refreshed...
  16. M

    2 Place Snowmobile Trailer Decking

    I have a 2001 Voyager snowmobile trailer I am replacing the plywood decking on (replacing with 3/4" marine grade plywood) and am wondering what I should do to protect it from the sun/snow, or if I should just leave it bare. I'm also looking for something to go underneath my track to protect the...
  17. T

    "Thing" Exhaust Can fits 2004 - 2007 Ski Doo Rev 800's

    Have a "Thing" exhaust can Made in Revelstoke BC that will fit a 2004 - 2007 ski doo rev summit 800. Been sitting around for a while want to move it! 65.00, you pay shipping. Call 509-520-1616 if interested Located near Walla Walla WA.
  18. D

    WANTED: Need shocks for Ski Doo 2016 800 T3 163

    Looking for good front and rear shocks for my 2016 800 T3 163. Prefer clickers or maybe even fox shock. Thank you
  19. C

    Aerocharger 15 xm clutch/gear

    I have a 2015 xm 800 etec 163" with the66 aerocharger I put in 7 tooth driver and a 3" track Should I run 21/49 gearing? Getting mixed feedback is why I'm asking Also what should I be running for clutching? I have complete stock clutching in right now Riding in Alberta/British Columbia...
  20. gr8skidoo

    I-90 Motorsports OPEN HOUSE and free Avalanche seminar!!! October 26th

    Come by I-90 Motorsports on October 26 for our OPEN HOUSE! We will have great deals on oil(our 5 gallon bulk Ski-Doc oil is the price of 4 gallons) also check out the new 2017 Accessories and hopefully the 2017 Snowmobiles will be in at that time. Dave Norona Ski-Doo Ambassador will be on hand...
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