1. gotballsracing

    POLARIS 2 X 2019 850 snowcheck 163

    Awesome condition 1200 miles PIDD 2.6 just preseason'd $10,800 a little less if both to one buyer 3 months left of warranty can be upgraded to a 2 or 3 year for a fee. can deliver for a fee to anywhere in Idaho, montana, utah and Oregon
  2. F

    Jumped ship to Polaris, what do I need to know?

    So I just jumped ship from ski-doo (had a rev, xp, and xm T3) to Polaris and just bought a 2020 800 Khaos! Super excited about the new sled. I had a lot of great times on the doo's but my riding has changed to more steep and tight trees and drainages, so it was time to move on and try something...
  3. S

    RMK A-Arm, lower left, 2012-2013 for sale. No dents!

    For sale is a spare RMK lower left A arm. 2012-2013 No dents $40.00 plus shipping in CONUS. Call David at 608 four three six 4765 I'm in the Green Bay, WI area, pick-ups are fine.
  4. Sled Solutions

    Polaris Steel 2" Rise Handlebars

    Came off of a 2015 RMK, will work on any sled for the most part. Mountain strap included, grip heaters are junk. Can ship at buyers expense. $25
  5. Sled Solutions

    Polaris AXYS Walker Evans Springs

    Not sure if anyone is looking for new take offs but they came off of a 2016 SKS 155 all 4 Make a reasonable offer.
  6. Sled Solutions

    Seat Concept Seats COMING SOON! AXYS LOW

    Seat Concepts has been building dirt bike seats for a LONG time and now they are playing in the snowmobile world. We're happy to be working with them! First new product to come out of their US facility is a new Lightweight Low Seat for the Polaris AXYS RMK and SKS models. Details on the...
  7. M

    Walker Evans Clickers

    Does anyone know if WE clickers from an axys chassis will fit on a 2014 RMK?
  8. montanapup

    Thank you for a GREAT Year!

    Thank you all for a great first year of Ice Boxx Pro - Keep Your Cool. With the weather warming up, it's a great time to add the Ice Boxx Pro and keep riding. Keep Your Cool even in the worst conditions. If you want to get to the high country on those not so perfect trails we can help you get...
  9. J

    ProLine Trailer (nhtrailers)

    https://nhtrailers.com/snowmobile-trailers/7-5-wide-snowmobile-trailer/ The above website advertises that they have a 7.5 foot inline trailer for snowmobiles. The trailers are advertised with the wheel well half inside the trailer and half outside the trailer. The interior width is advertised...
  10. J

    Will never motors fit on a 13 pro chassis

    Hey everyone, so I recently bought a used pro rmk 800, and first ride I went to take it on after purchasing it the thing blew up. Brought it to my local Mechanic and he said everything is garbage in it, he have an estimate of around 5 grand to fix it when I paid 5500 for it so no too thrilled...
  11. S

    2015 800 Polaris Pro RMK Terrain Dominator 163"

    Great condition, all stock. Just cleaned and inspected both clutches and replaced springs. Replaced quick drive belt. Runs great. 2500 miles. Comes with spare belt, tunnel bag, and cover. $5200 obo email for pics or info. smtntaylor@gmail.com
  12. S

    2012 Polaris Pro RMK 800 155"

    Heavy front and rear bumper, Burandt powdertrac boards, new primary clutch last month. Good condition, 3800 miles, one owner. Still runs good with no issues. Comes with spare belt and cover. $3200 email for pics or info smtntaylor@gmail.com
  13. N

    Complete Axys A-arm set

    Complete Axys A-arm set. Came off 2018 axys. Used only two rides. Only changed because I liked the narrower front end. $450 shipped to the lower 48 for the set, or $150 for each lower shipped and $125 shipped for each upper shipped. I will ship to Canada or Alaska but we will have to agree...
  14. IceAge Performance

    Short Tunnel Long Sled 163 in a 155

    Chris has been building these sleds for a few years now and it is an awesome package. He put together a great video highlighting some of the products being used to build it. For those that haven't seen or heard much about it, check out the second video explaining the concept a little more. We...
  15. K

    Rmk 800 Pro 2013

    Looking for a front frame tube assembly for my 2013 pro rmk800. Does anyone build these in titanium? I’ve seen a lot of others with the same issue where the carbon fiber breaks below the Polaris drilled hole for wire harness mounting. Polaris PN: 1018234
  16. C

    Check engine light/ Top end cut out

    Just replaced my relays since my screen cut out on me. screen kicked back on but check engine light is on and it is cutting out on the top end. Would TPS be causing this or should I just get the computer scanned? looking for any type of direction on this. seems like its not getting air or too...
  17. C

    Display gauge issue/top end cut out

    Has anyone had any issues with the display gauge going out? My sled was running fine this weekend until it started cutting out on the top end and my display gauge was flickering on and off. now it wont even turn on or give me any feedback. My guess is I have a bad connection somewhere but I...
  18. 1

    2012 PRO RMK running horrible

    So I bought a 2012 pro rmk 800. Has slp stage 4 kit on it. Every since I had it the sled would bog when WOT from a dead stop or would bog when WOT in general. Changed fuel filter and it did not work. I Was riding in the UP this past weekend and got the sled stuck. When I tried to start it again...
  19. S

    Handle Bar risers for 2018 Pro 800 RMK "163

    Looking to get a good handlebar riser 2 inches roughly . Im 5'4 so I don't need a 6incher that's for sure. First time ordering one up so wondering if anyone has some good suggestions. Would I need cable extensions also with just a 2inch?:juggle:
  20. I

    Hardpack & Ice on most trails

    Hello fellow sledders! Around most of the West and Midwest we are running into hardpack and icy trails getting us up to the powder we like to play in. Don't get stuck beside the trail waiting to cool down. Install the Ice Boxx Pro on your machine and Keep Your Cool - even in the worst...
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