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  1. L

    2013 Polaris 800 Pro RMK 155" LE w/Extras!!!---SOLD!!!

    For sale is the pictured '13 Polaris 800 Pro RMK 155" with Limited Edition colors. This sled comes with many extras and has been meticulously maintained since I have owned it. The following are the specs of the sled: - 2013 Polaris 800 Pro RMK 155" LE w/ just over 2400 miles & 160 hours - Oil...
  2. V

    durability/compatability suggestions 2011 rmk 800 with rk tek drop in kit

    Ive been searching around for the best possible replacement exhaust for my 2011-rmk 800.. its not the PRO edition but im not sure/curious if that matters or not.. anyways my stock exhaust is rust eaten and after the RK TEK drop-in kit upgrade the added compression is causin g backpressure...
  3. P

    Rk tek drop in rev2 Polaris 800

    I have a Rk tek head, domes, cylinder spacer, and proper bolts for a Rk tek rev2 drop in Polaris 800. Was on a 2014 pro RMK 800 worked amazing but will not fit my axys. $400obo Text is best 207 432 2371
  4. S

    Anyone turbo a rk tec big bore?

    As the title says anyone turbo a rk Tek 925 pro climb? I have the big bore and wanting more power. If so what turbo and controller also was it a pain to dial in or input the numbers and ride? Have a boondocker box installed now
  5. S

    Seized 2013 Pro 800 RK TEK

    My stock 2013 Pro 800 seized on my last ride. Unloaded it, let it warm up for 5-10 minutes, putting down the trail around 1/4 throttle and it shut off after 1.4 miles. Worked the clutch back and forth, motor freed up, limped it back to the truck. The upsetting thing is I put RK Tek direct...
  6. C

    Big bore kits

    2013 163 PRO RMK I installed Bikeman's complete 860 big bore kit. I'm not a super skilled mechanic but now which way to turn a bolt. This kit was not very difficult to install the worst part was machining (grinding) the top half of the case. The team tied secondary I had to take to the dealer...
  7. P

    RK Tek stacked with slp stage 2 kit

    I'm looking to put in the Rk Tek drop in piston kit claims it adds about 12hp. Along with that I would also like to add the SLP stage 2 kit which is a pipe, can, clutching, and intake. With the option of power commander fuel controller or upgrade for $250 and get the new bully dog gt tuner...
  8. 1

    2007 M1000 *many updates*

    Updated 2007 M1000 Mountain Sled. Motor and chassis around 1000 miles. Sled only ridden out west. * Motor - Crank trued and welded, cylinders polished, head shaved. All work done by Northern Crankshaft in Thief River Falls. Runs awesome, massive torque. CPC twin pipes. Timbersled intake...
  9. B

    RK Tek head for Rotax 600HO

    Looking for a nice used RK Tek (Torque-Line) head for a Rotax 600ho. Prefer pump gas compatible domes.
  10. oldstyle33

    RK Tek - drop in kit 800R

    I just installed the drop in kit in my XP. Hopefully, I get the said 12+ HP out of the new head and pistons! :) The manufacturing looks pretty good! I was reading the directions from Kelsey and he said to never use synthetic oil. That is interesting. He also recommends to use a...
  11. oldstyle33

    RK TEK - has anyone installed the drop in kit?

    I am looking to install the drop in kit and head for my '10 XP Ptech. Has anyone done this? Do you really gain 12 HP? Did you have to adjust your clutching or jets? Is the ECM Re-program necessary? Let me know the good and the bad of this upgrade... Thanks
  12. D

    New 2011 RK Tek Diamond Drive Clutch Kit for M-Series - $270

    This is the exact kit.... http://www.2strokeheads.com/clutchkit.htm It also comes with the BDX Belt deflection adjuster to replace the OEM plastic one with washers. You will need to get a clutch spring adjustment tool to install this and adjust your spring tension. I got this for my M7 and...
  13. T

    RK TeK 860 Big Bore Kit

    I am about to install my new 860 from RK Tek. A lot of people question Kelsey's formula for putting in smaller jets. (480 down to 460) has anyone tried this or are there any opinions out there?
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