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  1. colorado_matt

    new BX ski from C&A Pro Skis in action

    The new BX ski is exceeding expectations! Happy to answer any questions. CNBOQD1t9aI
  2. B

    Help - Need Rectifier Bridge for Dc Power

    I am putting a BD turbo on my 2012 pro rmk, I am doing a headlight delete and want to run oil pump off AC headlight harness. I have read all I can find on posts and know I need a AC to DC convertor, but I cannot find One anywhere. I am around edmonton, AB. I tried radio shack, Napa, online...
  3. colorado_matt

    snow is OK.... for mid November

    Can't ask for a much better start than this! Hope it keeps at it for all areas.
  4. B

    Custom Design Homemade Vent kit

    I am thinking of making my own vent kit on my 2012 pro retro rmk Since most kits are black, and fairly standard, I was thinking of a cooler design, like flame cutout or a logo (monster, etc with colored screen. Looking to make myself if I can, otherwise will just buy. Thought of using white...
  5. brandriet

    Stock 11' Pro RMK Seat+bag. All Black

    As the title says. Stock seat off 11 pro. Was a snow-check so had the all black seat. Seat is in great shape with no tears or rips. Also comes with Polaris under-seat bag. I went with an aftermarket seat. Asking $150 shipped. I also have paypal.
  6. L

    Carbon Fibre PRO Chassis/Bulkhead: Who is in?

    Okay here is the deal, I've been conversing with Kevin at C3 about various components for my personal builds and I inquired about his progress on making a Carbon Fibre PRO RMK Chassis. From our conversations; my understanding is he intends to make the individual bulkhead pieces very similar to...
  7. Timbersled


    Timbersled Products is proud to announce a solution to your bonded A-Arm issues on your 2013 and 2014 PRO RMK. The Timbersled Stock Replacemet Arm, SRA. CLICK HERE FOR TIMBERSLED WEBSITE These A-arms are designed to be a direct bolt-on replacement for the 2013–14 Pro RMK. Polaris has...
  8. B

    2011 PRO RMK 163 $7000

    PRICE REDUCED!!!! $7000 OBO!! I have a Pro 163 that is in great condition.It has 1250 miles It has the Burandt Boards on the side and a vent kit. The motor is all stock and all service work has been done by Triple S in ogden. I have always run VES Gold oil. It runs perfect and i have had ZERO...
  9. B

    2012 EDIT turbo and non turbo pro rmk's in deep powder!

    Spent half an hour picking this footage out of last years riding and throwing it together with a song. Tell me what you think!
  10. S

    2012 pro wrap installation

    I've got a buddy looking for a good place to take his pro into to get his wrap put on. He lives in great falls, mt so a place either there or in surrounding areas. He is willing to travel for a good place. I need ideas or places that do a good job. Any info will help. thank you
  11. D

    Bad experience with rexburg motorsports

    This process started in april of 2012, when i snowchecked a 2013 Polaris Pro RMK White LE with the blue accessory side panels, the mid-white windshield, and the 4 year polaristar warranty. All was well and the dealer told me they would call me when my sled was in. Half way through october i...
  12. T

    2013 Pro RMK Videos

    Post your Pics and videos of the 2013.. Here is a GO PRO video of the demo tour in Seeley Lake AEa-eftfXeo
  13. V

    FYI: looking for standalone distributor in Washington State and british columbia

    guys, if you know some good tuning shop in Washington state and/or British Columbia, please email me( the name and phone number and contact.......5 distributors have already joined the dance but those two areas are still open......we are sending out first batch of ECU next...
  14. C

    MDS Weights vs. Polaris Weights

    Do the MDS weights really make as big as a differance as they claim? or should i stick with stock polaris weights?
  15. C

    BMP can?

    Whats your opinion on the BMP powder light can on the Pro-RMK's? Do they lose power? loudness? How do they compare to the Full Velocity one? Please share if you've owned one!
  16. C

    What is the best performance mod to be done on the Pro-RMK's

    Does anyne know hwat the best Preformance mod is? heard good thgings about getting a head but anyone know anything that might be better?
  17. NapaMatt

    PC-V.. w/Auto Tune

    Morning Guys.. So after hooking up the PC-V Last night.. Got thinking "never good" How many people are Running the Auto Tune??? Is anyone running the SLP Map.. 5,000 Ft and Higher.. In Low Alt. Area's???? Any thoughts... Hows the Auto Tune run on the new 800???
  18. NapaMatt

    Short Cuts and Tricks.. Pro Chassis

    Hey Guys.. Well working on the Pro Chassis i have found some things that help out a lot.. Maybe you already know, but this is going out just to help others out that haven't got there hand dirty yet working on the Pro Chassis.. Taking Body Panels off are pretty easy. If you feel like your...
  19. T

    Snowmobile in Chile

    Hi everyone, I'm a snowboarder who needed to go check out more than the resorts in Chile offered. I'm among the first people to explore the Andes on snowmobiles, it has been the best experience!! These mountains are insane, huge!! all kinds of terrain and really good snow! It's been 7 years of...
  20. R

    The Amazing 10 year old ripping it up on his Pro 163
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