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  1. O

    Cheap custom alternative to factory fuel filter setup

    Hi guys, I wanted to share my creation for my pro, I thought no way am I paying how much they want for another fuel filter, so what I did was removed the factory line, used a hand saw and Carefully cut the crimps off each end, just enough to get them to release. Then I removed the elbow into...
  2. montanapup

    Thank you for a GREAT Year!

    Thank you all for a great first year of Ice Boxx Pro - Keep Your Cool. With the weather warming up, it's a great time to add the Ice Boxx Pro and keep riding. Keep Your Cool even in the worst conditions. If you want to get to the high country on those not so perfect trails we can help you get...
  3. montanapup

    Maybe Last Ride

    Maybe the last ride in the Cascades this year. Had an awesome time, but did need the Ice Boxx Pro to get back from the high country. Ran at 165 with ice scratchers - filled the Ice Boxx Pro and ran at 125 the rest of the way out. Spring Saving going on now so you can Extend Your Season! Hope...
  4. I

    Riding the "Cascade Concrete" or your favorite trail?

    Riding hardpack and ice sucks, but is necessary to get you to the fun powder at the top. Bluebird day, but the trail was hard as a rock until late afternoon. The iceboxxpro helped to Keep the Cool up the trail. Don't let these conditions keep you off the mountain. Life is too short not to...
  5. I

    Hardpack & Ice on most trails

    Hello fellow sledders! Around most of the West and Midwest we are running into hardpack and icy trails getting us up to the powder we like to play in. Don't get stuck beside the trail waiting to cool down. Install the Ice Boxx Pro on your machine and Keep Your Cool - even in the worst...
  6. P

    2011 Polaris pro rmk 800 bogging issue

    Hello there so I’m new to this forum and just trying to get some help regarding my 2011 Polaris pro rmk 800 I bought the sled out in bc Canada with only 1100 original kilometres and installed a mountain tech fix kit and that was it sled started good I ended up moving back home to Ontario and...
  7. mizakmx95

    2019 Polaris Pro RMK 850

    Selling my $500 deposit on a new 2019 Pro RMK 155" 850 Not in a place financially to carry out the obligation. Dealer will not be selling any 2019 850s on the floor until the following season, the only way to get one is to have Snowchecked one. - 2019 850cc Pro RMK w/ 4 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY...
  8. L

    Drive shaft bearing...replace shaft???

    I bought a used '13 Pro RMK that my son and I are prepping for winter and have come across a few things that needed to be replaced. Some seem to be very common, such as the A-arms that the adhesive lets go and allows the tube to slide in/out of the end casting. Primary clutch spring broken at...
  9. S

    Urgent Need of 2 outer Rod ends - Pro RMK #7061166

    Hoping to find someone with two rod ends for a 2015 Pro RMK. It's a fairly universal part as the SKS, Indy, and several other models use it. Also need a snap ring for the lower A Arm.... I'd ideally like to knock this out ASAP and will pay for overnight /next day shipping if someone stumbles...
  10. S

    WTB Pro RMK Tie Rod Ends - #7061166 (need 2)

    Hoping to find someone with two rod ends for a 2015 Pro RMK. It's a fairly universal part as the SKS, Indy, and several other models use it. Also need a snap ring for the lower A Arm.... I'd ideally like to knock this out ASAP and will pay for overnight /next day shipping if someone stumbles...
  11. L

    Air in oil hose

    I have a pro rmk and i have put the engine down in the chassie without the motor mounts or the thing that is fastend between the engine and the motor mounts so could the oil pump be brooken or some hoses be squeqed so oil cant pass, I have had the engine running afterwards but the air in the...
  12. L

    Clutching advice

    I have a 2013 pro rmk 600 that i ride at around 600m, i currently run 10-62 weights and a blue/pink primary spring and completely stock secondary with a new spring. I have decided to get an slp mtx 65gram weight to put in it and i have no idea what spring i should put in the primary, i...
  13. L

    Aligning clutches, how to do it?

    So i have a 2013 pro rmk 600 that i have been having big problems with cluch heat so for this season i have changed the motor mounts because they went bad but now when i put it back thogether the C-C between the clutches is by 15 mm, and i asume that that means the clutches isn't aligned. I...
  14. M

    2012 Pro RMK 600. Need to do anything???

    I recently purchased a 2012 Pro RMK 600 155 with low miles for a very good price. Is there anything that i need to do to it or are the 600 155's decent out of the box? I know its not a 800 but i'm pretty excited to be on a Pro chassis from an IQ chassis.
  15. B

    2014 Pro RMK No Gauge Cluster Help!

    Hey I'm having issues with my 14 pro gauge cluster. Throughout the winter it intermittently wouldn't power up. Just had a blank screen. But it seemed like if you revved the motor out it would eventually come on. This happened a few times. I took it for one last spring ride this weekend and the...
  16. G

    2012 Polaris Assault 800 155" RMK Silber Turbo - Spring Sale!

    2012 Polaris 800 Assault RMK 155" mtn track w/ Silber Turbo. $10,000 obo. This sled has lots of extras and upgrades. A one of a kind beast. approx 1600 miles. Always garaged. -Silber Turbo Kit with the upgraded 2013+ ECU controller. With this come the bigger upgraded injectors. Turbo is run by...
  17. L

    Problems with clutch heat

    I have an 2013 Pro rmk 600 and im having problems with super hot clutches, The search function is not working for me atm. The only thing that isnt stock in The clutches are The primary spring that is changed to slp blu/pink, im ridning around 1200-2000 foot and using 10-62 weights Im pulling...
  18. S

    SLP Stage 3 + Kurt's Gear Down Kit - Clutch setup??

    I'm sure it's on here somewhere but I wasn't able to find it. I picked up a 2015 pro rmk 163 LE demo from a Polaris dealership in Michigan. The dealer had it shipped to them from out west. While waiting for the snow to fly, I picked up a Stage 3 kit and got to the clutch setup before noticing...
  19. Steep&DeepRider

    2011 Pro RMK Seat

    Take off seat in perfect condition with seat post. $100 obo (representative photo)
  20. P

    Pro RMK Elka front shocks

    Pair of stage 2 IFP front Elka shocks, fit 2013-2015 pro rmk, and will fit the new 2016 AXYS. Great shape, less than 250 miles of use. Asking $650
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