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  1. montanapup

    Thank you for a GREAT Year!

    Thank you all for a great first year of Ice Boxx Pro - Keep Your Cool. With the weather warming up, it's a great time to add the Ice Boxx Pro and keep riding. Keep Your Cool even in the worst conditions. If you want to get to the high country on those not so perfect trails we can help you get...
  2. P

    mid range bog, dies when warm, first pull restart

    Good Morning, I am having some issues with a 2012 assault 800 and need some help. The sled starts and runs fine for 6-10 minutes with a slight mid range bog. Pulls 8,150rpm with no problem but occasionally has a "dead miss" and comes right out of it in the first 6-10 Minutes. Fast forward after...
  3. N


    Anyone located in or close to the Hibbing area that would be willing to adjust a tips on a 2012 rmk pro. I'm having idling issues. Would be more then willing to strike a deal! Thanks for all your guys knowledge and input!
  4. P

    Pro-Ride with Attitude (Nose Wrap)

    Saw this and knew you guys would love it! PM me for more info.
  5. B

    Trade 2011 RMK Hood for Pro Hood

    Im looking to trade my Red 2011 RMK Hood for a Black 2011 Pro Hood... Anyone interested?
  6. P

    1/2" Air Bubble In Line Oiler From Oil Tank

    I have a question to ask you pro owners, I was checking up on the oil line hitting the the mag side intake and bulk head when I noticed that I had a 1/2" air bubble in the oil line at the base of my oil tank. At this point I was wondering if the oil line had been bleed. I called my dealer and he...
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