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    DET again

    Ok so I got basically a multirace winning shell/B.motor for free and completely built it up with all new and aftermarket: Billet head (sea level)[new](87 octane here in Nome, AK, we add octane boost, maybe I need to mix some AVGAS 100oct? Head I think is very high compression [I'll re-test psi]...
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    +7,200 rpm WOT top end bog/skipping

    +7,200 rpm WOT top end bog, sounds like a belt/track skip? unheard of? Oddly at the same time the Dash cluster RPM fades after 7200 rpm, signifying odd/unstable RPM #'s while the motor just rips... causing the skip, vibrates the whole sled, and is quite aggressive to feel, right after the...
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    2010 IQ CFI4 swap into Pro R CFI4?

    2010 IQ motor CFI4 swap into Pro R CFI4? Somehow my old motor that I sold for less than core value, bad crank, found it's way back to me... oddly enough it was casted on my 07/26/10 birthday, so that's how I know. eats pistons, and I found a local IQ CFI4 600 for $200. - just need to know if...
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    2012 switchback Pro R all 4 shocks

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