1. sledhed

    Polaris Pro RMK side panels - orange - new in box

    Brand new in box in bubble wrap - Polaris Pro side panels, look exactly like the one in the picture. These were snow-check panels for 2013 I believe. $350 plus you pick up the shipping if not a local pickup. For both of course.
  2. D

    2012 Polaris Pro 800 Bog

    I have a 2012 Polaris Pro 800 bought it 2 years ago put 3 rides on it (200 miles give or take) and the top end blew. Took it to my mechanic and he replaced the top end. Put the fixit kit on seems the 11-12’s need those. Took it out for the first ride and it ran great. Ran mixed gas 60:1 and...
  3. T

    2009 dragon 800 turbo, altitude change

    Hey guys. Running 09 dragon 800, boondocker turbo kit, controler, boost controler, and timing modal. Running 105 octane. I just recently moved from colorado to new Hampshire . Boondocker isnt being much help. Trying to get a set of starting numbers and they claim they dont have any for low...
  4. S

    2019 Polaris 850 2.6 163” Cheap 0 miles!!---SOLD!!!

    2019 Polaris 850 2.6 163” Cheap 0 miles!!---SOLD!!! Zero miles, private party, no tax. 2019 850 black on black on black. PIDD display. Pull start, 163” with 2.6” track. $12k cash steals this sled. Text Troy
  5. K

    Rmk 800 Pro 2013

    Looking for a front frame tube assembly for my 2013 pro rmk800. Does anyone build these in titanium? I’ve seen a lot of others with the same issue where the carbon fiber breaks below the Polaris drilled hole for wire harness mounting. Polaris PN: 1018234
  6. C

    Check engine light/ Top end cut out

    Just replaced my relays since my screen cut out on me. screen kicked back on but check engine light is on and it is cutting out on the top end. Would TPS be causing this or should I just get the computer scanned? looking for any type of direction on this. seems like its not getting air or too...
  7. K

    Questions about my 1996 Indy Tran Sport

    I bought a used 1996 Polaris Tran Sport a little while back. The sled ran poorly, needing the throttle to keep it going. Once it had been running for a bit (don't know if I'd call it warm or not), it wouldn't restart. Plugs were wet...seems to me that it's flooding. It has never had any engine...
  8. C

    Display gauge issue/top end cut out

    Has anyone had any issues with the display gauge going out? My sled was running fine this weekend until it started cutting out on the top end and my display gauge was flickering on and off. now it wont even turn on or give me any feedback. My guess is I have a bad connection somewhere but I...
  9. P

    Polaris Fusion 900

    I have a 2005 polaris fusion 900 and I let it warm up for about 10 minutes and slowly pulled away and the lights cut out and then the motor died after. I dragged it back to the garage and checked the fuel pump make sure that did not go and I cycled it for a little and pulled it and nothing. I...
  10. 1

    2012 PRO RMK running horrible

    So I bought a 2012 pro rmk 800. Has slp stage 4 kit on it. Every since I had it the sled would bog when WOT from a dead stop or would bog when WOT in general. Changed fuel filter and it did not work. I Was riding in the UP this past weekend and got the sled stuck. When I tried to start it again...
  11. T

    Kurt's Polaris 850 Clutch Kit Review

    I installed and ran Kurt's new clutch kit for the 850 over the weekend on my sled. I've been looking forward to this kit since I decided I would not turbo my sled this year and would only run a gear down and Diamond-S TI can. The kit consists of: custom twin trax helix for high or low elevation...
  12. I

    Riding the "Cascade Concrete" or your favorite trail?

    Riding hardpack and ice sucks, but is necessary to get you to the fun powder at the top. Bluebird day, but the trail was hard as a rock until late afternoon. The iceboxxpro helped to Keep the Cool up the trail. Don't let these conditions keep you off the mountain. Life is too short not to...
  13. M

    2009 Polaris Assault- Timbersled $4750

    2009 Polaris Assault 2100 miles 2010 Engine upgrade kit SLP Pipe/silencer combo Fox Evo Shocks Fiberglass lightweight hood (comes with stock red hood as well) Timbersled rear suspension Drop and roll kit 2.5" Camoplast track Better board running boards Timbersled wrap Polaris gas tank holder...
  14. S

    Handle Bar risers for 2018 Pro 800 RMK "163

    Looking to get a good handlebar riser 2 inches roughly . Im 5'4 so I don't need a 6incher that's for sure. First time ordering one up so wondering if anyone has some good suggestions. Would I need cable extensions also with just a 2inch?:juggle:
  15. I

    Hardpack & Ice on most trails

    Hello fellow sledders! Around most of the West and Midwest we are running into hardpack and icy trails getting us up to the powder we like to play in. Don't get stuck beside the trail waiting to cool down. Install the Ice Boxx Pro on your machine and Keep Your Cool - even in the worst...
  16. N

    Take off 18 Axys Bars

    Only used for one ride. Only replaced because I'm not tall enough for the Polaris (EDITED) midrise bars. Comes with heater elements, but no grips or hooks. $125 shipped to the lower 48. Will ship to Alaska or Canada, but we will have to discuss shipping costs. Pictures to come.
  17. R

    Exhaust sensor

    My exhaust sensor got its tip bent when I did a motor swap, still reads temp (it shows temp on the dash, idk, that could be a coolant sensor), new one in the post office. Just curious... what consiquenses are susceptible with a bad exhaust sensor.:spider:
  18. R


    So... Acquired a 2010 Polaris Rush Pro R 600 with bad crank, got a 2012 motor sent up here to remote AK. Did the swap, new SPI pistons & one cylinder was bad, compression tested it to 50-90psi, other cyl 120... sent the bad one to Darby's Performance in Fairbanks who returned me a used/honed...
  19. B

    2015 switchback pro s 800 check engine light at full throttle

    Hi i recently got a 2015 switchback with the most blown up motor i had ever seen. I got a new motor and rebuilt it then swapped it for the blown up one. After breaking it in the only problem i seem to have is that at full throttle the check engine light will pop on and the throttle will cut out...
  20. P

    mid range bog, dies when warm, first pull restart

    Good Morning, I am having some issues with a 2012 assault 800 and need some help. The sled starts and runs fine for 6-10 minutes with a slight mid range bog. Pulls 8,150rpm with no problem but occasionally has a "dead miss" and comes right out of it in the first 6-10 Minutes. Fast forward after...
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