1. MTNTK

    Cut Your Tunnel Without Welding It Back Together

    MTNTK Performance is pleased to announce new for the 2020 snow season the MTNTK Performance Tunnel Cut – Tunnel Shortening Kit. As snowmobilers search for the ultimate in riding performance any modifications that decrease drag and improve handling in the snow are paramount. Reduction of drag...
  2. MTNTK

    Overheating Problems in Marginal Snow?

    Looking for the ultimate solution for your overheating problems in marginal snow conditions? Let’s face it, with a 3" track marginal snow conditions are any time you are on the trail! By installing the MTNTK performance Tunnel Cooler you will double your cooling surface area and coolant...
  3. R

    +7,200 rpm WOT top end bog/skipping

    +7,200 rpm WOT top end bog, sounds like a belt/track skip? unheard of? Oddly at the same time the Dash cluster RPM fades after 7200 rpm, signifying odd/unstable RPM #'s while the motor just rips... causing the skip, vibrates the whole sled, and is quite aggressive to feel, right after the...
  4. R

    2010 IQ CFI4 swap into Pro R CFI4?

    2010 IQ motor CFI4 swap into Pro R CFI4? Somehow my old motor that I sold for less than core value, bad crank, found it's way back to me... oddly enough it was casted on my 07/26/10 birthday, so that's how I know. eats pistons, and I found a local IQ CFI4 600 for $200. - just need to know if...
  5. S


    Last week I launched the debut of the DVD for Bob and Karolyn Eastman. Gentleman Bob and The Starfire Kids 2 DVD Set. It was over 5 years in the making by Karolyn Eastman in Roseau Minnesota. The first week over 100 people ordered ! We are very thankful for the support. 100% of the...
  6. sledhed

    Quick Drive alignment tools for sale - Polaris 2013?

    Quick Drive alignment tools for sale - Polaris - fits 2013? possibly others. Last time I put my QD sprockets on I only needed one of these anyway so it should work for any of the Pro years, maybe Axys. $24 shipped lower 48. Will add pics when I get a chance. Both pieces of this tool have the...
  7. sledhed

    For Sale: Polaris Series 7 163x3x15 track off 2017 Axys

    For Sale: Polaris Series 7 163x3x15 track, 750 miles on it, shows typical wear on the unclipped spots. Almost no damage, the base of the outer edges of 2 lugs have a minor crack in them, will try to get pictures up soon. Technically it is a 162 since it is a 3" pitch. $700 plus shipping, OBO...
  8. A


    IM in the market for a new front end on my 2019 polaris 850 rmk 163, and i was wondering if any members here had any experience with either of these front ends 1. burandts/skinz free flow suspension 2. Raptor ifs 37" front end a arms and for shocks i don't know wether to go with the...
  9. montanapup

    Thank you for a GREAT Year!

    Thank you all for a great first year of Ice Boxx Pro - Keep Your Cool. With the weather warming up, it's a great time to add the Ice Boxx Pro and keep riding. Keep Your Cool even in the worst conditions. If you want to get to the high country on those not so perfect trails we can help you get...
  10. R

    Polaris Diamond S TI Quiet

    For sale Diamond S TI Quiet can like new off my 2017 Polaris RMK like brand new condition can send pictures if interested will ship make offer $579 new Thanks Mkjruh@yahoo.com
  11. montanapup

    Maybe Last Ride

    Maybe the last ride in the Cascades this year. Had an awesome time, but did need the Ice Boxx Pro to get back from the high country. Ran at 165 with ice scratchers - filled the Ice Boxx Pro and ran at 125 the rest of the way out. Spring Saving going on now so you can Extend Your Season! Hope...
  12. J

    ProLine Trailer (nhtrailers)

    https://nhtrailers.com/snowmobile-trailers/7-5-wide-snowmobile-trailer/ The above website advertises that they have a 7.5 foot inline trailer for snowmobiles. The trailers are advertised with the wheel well half inside the trailer and half outside the trailer. The interior width is advertised...
  13. alexkravets

    2009 M1000 LE

  14. estaked

    SPI Fuel Filter for Polaris

    SPI part # SM-07136 WPS # 12-1161 Still in the bag. $30. https://forwardpowersports.com/index.php/snowmobile/engine/spi-fuel-filter-hose-assembly-sm-07136.html Call/ text (541) nine13 - 8three4zero
  15. Q

    700 xc bottom with 800 xc top?

    just wondering if its possible to use an 800 xc top end with a 700 xc bottom end? and if so how you would go about doing it? is it possible to use the 700 crank?
  16. R

    It Dies!!! 10-12 motor swap

    Ok... Did a 2010 (blown) motor swap to a 2012. EVERYTHING has been replaced from fuel pump to all Electrical, all fuel elements including injectors. Has V force 3r reeds. I knew the TPS was way off so I got it adjusted and the only difference was I can WOT to 5xxx rpm (new motor, not broken in...
  17. N

    2002 edge xc sp 800 rebuild.

    I have been searching for a rebuild kit and all I come up with is ebay. I'm kinda sketched out and nervous to order something critical like that off ebay. Is there someone who knows where I can find a good top end kit for it. Or should I find a sled shop and just send it out to have crank gone...
  18. S

    2015 800 Polaris Pro RMK Terrain Dominator 163"

    Great condition, all stock. Just cleaned and inspected both clutches and replaced springs. Replaced quick drive belt. Runs great. 2500 miles. Comes with spare belt, tunnel bag, and cover. $5200 obo email for pics or info. smtntaylor@gmail.com
  19. S

    2012 Polaris Pro RMK 800 155"

    Heavy front and rear bumper, Burandt powdertrac boards, new primary clutch last month. Good condition, 3800 miles, one owner. Still runs good with no issues. Comes with spare belt and cover. $3200 email for pics or info smtntaylor@gmail.com
  20. N

    Complete Axys A-arm set

    Complete Axys A-arm set. Came off 2018 axys. Used only two rides. Only changed because I liked the narrower front end. $450 shipped to the lower 48 for the set, or $150 for each lower shipped and $125 shipped for each upper shipped. I will ship to Canada or Alaska but we will have to agree...
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