1. Sled Solutions

    It's going to be a onesie, twosie type year.

    I usually do this anyway but this year is BAD, product is just trickling in so for those looking I'll keep posting when I have stuff coming in that I think will be difficult to find. Today 10/21/21 Skinz Polaris AXYS Airframe Mid Height Seat (1) Skinz Polaris 850 Heated Brake Lever (2)
  2. R

    Polaris 155” 3” Pro RMK Axys or Khaos track for sale. 5415393

    Selling a Polaris 155” x 15” x 3” track. Series 7 Stock OEM track this is a 3” pitch. Has approximately 300 miles on it. No torn, damaged or missing lugs. Buyer pays shipping. Went with a 165” setup is the reason I am selling this. Located in Wisconsin but can bring out to Idaho in the...
  3. Thielio20

    Must Have's for Matryx Chasis

    Snowchecked a 155 pro matryx for my girlfriend for this winter. She's coming from a 146 850 summit and I'm on a Summit turbo, so no recent Polaris experience. We ride 3-7K elevation, interior AK with mostly dry and cold snow conditions. What would you say are the top 3-5 MUST HAVE's for...
  4. B

    2021 Polaris Khaos 165" Silber Turbo Phenomenal Setup No Disappointments!

    Effortless to Ride, Built by Action Motorsports, Total Domination with Silber Turbo!, Camoplast 165" Track, QD2 Belt Drive, Dual Extrovert Drivers, TRS Clutching (Great Setup Tony!!), Skidplate. Hands Down the most Amazing and Capable sled every rode, Guaranteed Happiness!! Rotator cuff tear out...
  5. Sled Solutions

    Polaris IQ Owners with Plastic Bumper - Skinz In Stock

    Back ordered most everywhere, we have one. https://www.sledsolutions.com/collections/body/products/polaris-2005-2008-iq-front-bumper
  6. gotballsracing

    POLARIS 2 X 2019 850 snowcheck 163

    Awesome condition 1200 miles PIDD 2.6 just preseason'd $10,800 a little less if both to one buyer 3 months left of warranty can be upgraded to a 2 or 3 year for a fee. can deliver for a fee to anywhere in Idaho, montana, utah and Oregon
  7. slow-poke

    FLY Racing Gear Edit

    Here is a quick edit I did highlighting my FLY Racing Gear.
  8. F

    Jumped ship to Polaris, what do I need to know?

    So I just jumped ship from ski-doo (had a rev, xp, and xm T3) to Polaris and just bought a 2020 800 Khaos! Super excited about the new sled. I had a lot of great times on the doo's but my riding has changed to more steep and tight trees and drainages, so it was time to move on and try something...
  9. Sled Solutions

    Seat Concepts Seats are back in production

    I think due to Covid they decided to not build Snowmobile seats all summer. If you've been waiting they are back online and about 30 days out on seats so now would be a good time to get your order in. We offer the complete line up...
  10. MTNTK

    MTNTK Performance Turbo Pre-Order

  11. Sled Solutions

    Polaris Steel 2" Rise Handlebars

    Came off of a 2015 RMK, will work on any sled for the most part. Mountain strap included, grip heaters are junk. Can ship at buyers expense. $25
  12. Sled Solutions

    Polaris AXYS Walker Evans Springs

    Not sure if anyone is looking for new take offs but they came off of a 2016 SKS 155 all 4 Make a reasonable offer.
  13. Sled Solutions

    Polaris P2 Secondary

    Great shape, complete. This came off of a 2009 RMK Shift 600, it is complete with all guts. Had a Team so I switched them and the sled is now gone. Polaris Part #1322827 Retails for $849. Make reasonable offer. q
  14. Jager Bomb 243

    ** SOLD ** 509 Carbon Fiber Altitude helmet. White Trace XL, like new condition.

    $200 plus shipping. Pretty much said everything in the title. Used lightly for 2 seasons. Never crashed or dropped. Has fidlok closure, comes with breath box (never used), and synch bag.
  15. Sled Solutions

    2020 Khaos 850 Ride Reviews

    I haven't see an actual "general public" review of the Khaos so I thought I'd post one up. Of course these are just my opinions and I'm just a wannabe mountain rider stuck in the "Flatlands" of Michigan but I have been riding my entire life so that should count for something. ? A little...
  16. R

    2 almost complete sets of Polaris Stock Axys A Arms

    I am selling 2 sets of Polaris Stock Axys A Arms. Have the right and left upper a arms, Left lower arms each from 2016 & 2017 $100 each A Arm plus shipping. 2 sets are currently shown. These are takeoffs and not bent. Thanks, Shane
  17. Sled Solutions

    Polaris Edge Chassis TALL Seat

    Seat Concepts has purchased the company that originally started making these seats so they are proven. Shipping on these is 14-18 business days. Fits: All Polaris Edge Chassis Sleds 2002-2005 Lightweight and integrated storage. Fits all 2002-2005 Polaris Edge, XC, RMK, Vertical Escape Each...
  18. Sled Solutions

    Polaris AXYS Accessories - 1 Stop Shop

    We pride ourselves on carrying the latest cutting edge accessories the industry offers. We are a small knowledgeable company that uses what we sell. We're not just another company, passion, integrity and loyalty have given us this remarkable opportunity in life. Here are just some of the...
  19. M

    Walker Evans

    just picked up a set of walker evans to replace the base ride fx shocks on my 14' standard rmk and they seem to be shorter by almost an inch. Should i be concerned about this? they came off a 16' axys. do i need to replace the shafts? or just run it?
  20. MTNTK

    Cut Your Tunnel Without Welding It Back Together

    MTNTK Performance is pleased to announce new for the 2020 snow season the MTNTK Performance Tunnel Cut – Tunnel Shortening Kit. As snowmobilers search for the ultimate in riding performance any modifications that decrease drag and improve handling in the snow are paramount. Reduction of drag at...
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