mountain cat

  1. Northlight

    2017 mountain cat primary spring

    Hello! Since my mountain cat is at around 1500 km now I was thinking it was time to change the primary spring and because I'm a broke student I can't afford a clutch kit but a primary spring is something I am going to change anyways I want the best i can get, it is currently completely stock...
  2. W

    1999 Mike Houle Mach Z, 2001 Thunder Cat

    1999 Mike Houle Mach Z and 2001 Thunder Cat Mountain Cat 1999 Mach Z- #11 of 500 Commemorative edition Mike Houle Mach Z, 184 1" Mega Bite studs, 10" carbides, crank shop can, 500 miles on Upper Peninsula (Michigan) trails, lakes, and airstrips. 2001 Mountain Cat- Trail ported 1000 1996 CDI...
  3. W

    2001 Mountain Cat,1999 Mike Houle Mach Z

    2001 Thunder Cat 144" Mountain Cat- 1800 miles, trail ported 1000 1996 CDI, track cut to 1", 220 HP plus. Performed on Upper Peninsula (Michigan) trail, lakes and airstrips. 220 + 1" Mega Bite studs. 1999 Mach Z- #11 of 500 limited edition commemorative edition Mike Houle Mach Z. 184 1" Mega...
  4. Northlight

    2017 mountain cat rpm problems

    I just got a mountain cat and I love the sled but I have had some issues with varying rpm, at first it would pull 8150 and sometimes drop to 7600ish but now suddenly it constantly revs 8300+ and I can't figure out why. Also the sled one time idled at 3500 so it would slowly move, but I'm not...
  5. B

    2017 Arctic Cat Mountain Cat 162

    Looking to see if anyone has had the MC out for the first rides. Picked mine up a few weeks ago. Live in SD so been waiting on some base to set up out west. Thoughts!
  6. B

    Adjusting Ski Stance on 2017 MC

    Picked up the new mountain cat the other day and was adjusting the ski stance this afternoon. It has 4 1/2 inch spacers on each side. Came from dealer centered, with two spaces on each side of spindle. Went to adjust and move it in 1/2 inch on each side. After I got the first ski done and...
  7. D

    Axys or 17 Mountain Cat?

    Time for a new sled and trying to decide between an Axys or 17 Mountain Cat. Not looking to start a brand war just honest opinions. I have been riding a 13 M800 Ltd 162 and can't find a lot of real info between an Axys and a 17 162 Mountain Cat. I have been very happy with my M800, but it is now...
  8. W

    2003 mountain cat 1m a arms

    Looking for left side a arms for an 03 mountain cat. AWS 5.0
  9. S

    WTB Arctic cat parts

    Thank you. Found all the parts, how do I delete post?
  10. C

    2003 MC 800 EFI - Important maintenance

    Hi...I just picked up a used 800 EFI with around 2400 miles on it. It was originally a 144, but was changed to a 159 by the previous owner. Sled is in decent shape for being 10+ yrs old. I'm quite new to AC sleds, so was hoping to get some pointers on what to address before the snow starts...
  11. D

    PowerMadd 8" and 6" pivot risers

    I have 2 PowerMadd Adjustable Pivot Style Riser Blocks, that came off my 03 Mountain Cat. 8":$35 6":$30 I'll do $60 if you want both. PM me if your interested or want me to send pictures.
  12. D

    WTB: Powermadd pivot adapter

    Looking for a powermadd pivot adapter for 03 Arctic Cat.
  13. D

    WTB; Boss Seat for Cat 1m

    **Not looking anymore, bought a new seat** Still looking for a Boss seat for my 04 Arctic Cat 900, PM me if you are intested in selling. Looking to buy ASAP! If in Washington, I would consider trading my perfect stock seat plus CASH.
  14. D

    WTB: Boss Seat for Mountain Cat

    Looking for a Boss Seat for my 03 Mountain Cat 900.
  15. F

    need 99 powder special hood.

    I have a 99 powder special 600 efi. I would like that hood but as long as it fits i dont care. Please call tony at 509-770-1621 or pm.
  16. iroc1132

    F/S 2003 F-7 153" $3000

    I'm selling my '03 F-7 "mountain" sled. Sled has 4260 miles and is stock except for a D&D lite pipe and VForce Reeds. Other than that the engine has never been touched. It has a Camoplast Challenger 153" track and Fabcraft custom tunnel. No snow build up on these running boards! I had a...
  17. R

    2001 Mountain Cat 600 - EFI 136 track - $800

    Hello: Upgrading sleds... selling my 01 mountain cat 600... Got a bit of cosmetic damage - that's visible in pics... sled hit a tree couple years ago and busted up the front end a bit - all fully and beautifully repaired - BUT - hood to bellypan seal isn't perfect. Simmons skis, other than...
  18. M

    drop and roll mountain cat

    I was wondering what the best kit would be to do a drop and roll to the chaincase. And all that is required parts wise. I have an 2002 mountain cat 800. Also is it worth it or not? And I was wondering it I moved my skid to the back holesin the tunnel would this help the approach angle?
  19. B

    2001 Mountain Cat 800 162" Custom Built

    Need to get this thing sold!!! i have a 2001 custom built mountain cat 800. sled is sick! 162" ported track, Vanamburg Tunnel, Boss Seat, Twin SLP Pipes, custom balanced and tuned clutch, Diamond SS lightweight mesh hood, high compression heads, lightweight aftermarket pistons. oil tank has been...
  20. brandriet

    Arctic Cat Mountain Cat 800 EFI LE 151"

    Up for sale is a 2002 Arctic Cat Mountain Cat 800 151". Sled is EFI. It is the LE so it has reverse. sled has 2300 miles. Runs GREAT!! Sled is in great condition. For extras the sled has orange windshield( 2 spare windshields also), windshield bags, MBRP race can (also have stock can) headlight...
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