1. K

    94 XCR 600 Mod build

    Had this thing out last saturday (last pic) with the guys who were all on new sleds and haven't had that much fun sledding in a long time. It was pretty sweet to see the old guys we passed on the trail smiling and giving me thumbs up on the old machine. Had an issues with fuel in the variflow...
  2. C

    2011 Polaris Pro BD turbo. KC711 mod sled that year

    2011 Polaris Pro 800 with Boondocker turbo. KC 711 King of the hill mod sled that year. Every upgrade imaginable. Boondocker intercooled tunnel exit turbo with 2012 upgrades, Walker Evans remote reservoir shocks all the way around, EZ Ryde suspension, Skinz bumpers and boards, 155" comp track...
  3. B

    snoscoot track info

    Im new here and to sleds so please be nice if I dont have correct terms. I have a first shot at a snoscoot but the track needs replacing. I see that people are putting on 120" tracks with taller lugs. No one seem to say how tall lugs will fit. My question is how much room is there for...
  4. N

    Mountain max suspension

    Got a suspension out of a 2001 max I believe with a 159 kit. Was wanting to know if anyone can get me mounting dimensions for me. I have a 99 and am wanting to set it to the updated approach angle.
  5. R

    99 mod with XCR 800

    Selling a 99 mod sled has a 800XCR with new vforce reeds, slp pipes. Sled had fabcraft trailing arms and radius rods. Edge suspension with anti ratchet 163 powder claw track. Has custom built mesh hood and a brand new light weight hood. Have another set of fab craft trailing arms and misc parts...
  6. C

    Need help with REV Lexan side panels

    I picked up some Lexan side panels and hood for my daughters 06 summit. But they didn't come with the hinges for the side panels. I have not been able to find any hinges anywhere so what I was thinking of doing was cutting the hinge tabs off of the old plastic panels and then gluing and...
  7. H

    Rear skid setup

    Hi! Iv been a member for quite some time now, but iv just been sucking up all the info I could about the 900. This is my second 900 as my first had a date With a tree at higher speeds :mmph: but apart from that it were the best damn sled I have ever owned. So heres the question, I recently...
  8. turboDS1300

    Polaris Dragon RMK Lightweight Mod 797 SLP motor

    I’m listing this for a buddy who takes amazing care of his possessions and is a real neat freak. You literally could eat of the sled if you are into that kind of thing. Here is a quick summary of what this machine is but if you want the full run down, please call Nick at 651.271.4077 and he...
  9. B

    Challenger Extreme 2.5 with Geo Mod

    Is anyone having success with using the challenger extreme 2.5 and running the geo mod? Installed the track last night and the corners of the outer lugs on both sides are hitting the fins on the coolers. Its hitting just above and forward of the rear upper bogey wheels. I suspect moving the...
  10. P

    2010 IQr 600 rolling chassis $3500

    Looking to sell my 2010 Rolling chassis. Not sure on what it will come with in means of Primary and seconday clutch, air box and horn. I'll post the info as soon as I know what the chassis I am looking at comes with. Will come with the stock can holder as we never removed that when putting the...
  11. M

    2011 Polaris RMK Assault 155" Race/Pump Gas Turbo

    2011 Polaris RMk 800 Assault 155" with a Turbo!! Ceramic coated, Looks and runs awesome!! At 12lbs of boost it will go anywhere!! Love the Assault suspension!! Won't bottem out like my Pro did... Black and grey, AF & Boost guages, RSI 2" bar riser, Scratchers, Extra primary weights. (Cost to...
  12. W

    2003 Polaris Chassis w/ 1050 hooper - $4500

    I have a 2003 Polaris Edge Chassis with a fabcraft tunnel, fabcraft high rise bars, left handed throttle, boss seat, mountain performance light weight hood, skid plate, simmons skis, billet wheels, 159" camoplast track, anti ratchet drivers, Artic Cat secondary clutch, Artic Cat triple w/...
  13. G

    Favorite Patterns for Sleds

    I've recently gotten into modding my sleds with patterns. I've been putting skulls and camo, etc. on my snowmobiles. It's a great way to keep my sleds fresh and new. It lets everyone know I'm serious about this sport. Do any of you do anything similar? What kinds of colors/patterns would...
  14. C

    2007 Polaris RMK SLP-727

    2007 Polaris RMK -SLP 727cc -Z-Bros EXIT Suspension Front and Rear -V Force III Reeds -SLP Pipe and Silencer of course -155"x15"x2and1/4" Track -RSI Bars and Risers -Rail Stiffeners -Anti-Ratchet Drivers -990 Miles on Sled -Sled has no flaws -Located in Chester, CA. -$6950 Contact Brian...
  15. D

    '06 Polaris IQ 600 Factory Mod

    I'm posting this for a friend, so please use the phone number below below for any questions.
  16. S

    2006 Polaris 900 Dragon Decked out!

    2006 Polaris RMK 166 DRAGON Rolling Chassis! 2006 Polaris 900 RMK ROLLING CHASSIS NO ENGINE You won't find a cleaner RMK Chassis out there. Period. I have way too much time and money invested in to this sled to even mention. This year I added a bunch of goodies to it here and there... Just...
  17. Goinboardin

    1995 597 XLT -from an XCR 600

    I have a 597cc XLT motor sitting on the bench in the garage with a pto burned piston (I'm in CO till mid May, the garage is in MN, and I haven't torn into it yet, just going of the 0 compression for that hole); it was given to me in this condition. I've heard there are crank issues with this...
  18. S

    2000 Mtn. Max Mod

    I am thinking about selling my mtn max 700, it is a 2000 with the Mtn. Performance drop and rolled ekholm 144 tunnel kit, all light weight parts up front, bender triple pipes, v force 3 reeds, pod filters, camoplast 144x15x2 track big risers and fly bars, racepack avenger 3, heelclicker clutch...
  19. F

    2004 Arctic Cat 800 Factory Snopro Mod $4500

    Speedwerx built race motor. 185 hp. Ported & Polished Billet Aluminum Cylanders Welded & balanced crank Pump gas heads Trail converted w/ F7 rear heat exchanger 05 Twin pipes 9.7 gallon trail tank Z Broz chromolly a-arms Fox Float front shocks C & A pro skis Pro Taper handlebars Digitron...
  20. S

    2005 800 cmx 159"

    2005 CMX 800 159" $12500 my e-mail is New Motor Installed by Mark at CMX 800 polaris Liberty motor approx 160hp (Also has engine Reverse) Motor is Oil injected no premix needed all parts for motor are new New Slp race twins and shotgun silencers new lightweight...
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