1. C


    Well, they’re at it again... For 2019, Logan Coach Trailers is once again raising the bar. This concept has been the culmination of several years of R&D, testing, discussion and for me a pipe dream brought to reality. It all started with the desire to have a trailer that could be used for...
  2. D

    Logan and Trails West Heaters?

    Anybody have any experience with the factory supplied heaters in a Logan or Trails West? Looking at a new Logan trailer and wondering if I need the new 70,000 BTU Hot Dawg heater? It is only available in the 2019 and apparently is now standard in the Zbroz edition. Is the basic 40,000 BTU...
  3. C

    Logan Horespower Gooseneck Show Trailer For Sale---SOLD!!!

    -SOLD- 31' Gooseneck Z-Bros Edition JL Stereo with amp & sub-woofer Full Caliber Products guide package Heater with boot/glove dryers & heated wardrobe closet Aluminum storage box's 2 deep cycle batteries 2 30lb propane tanks matching spare This trailer belongs to Logan Coach and was the...
  4. FocusJR

    Moving to Utah

    I am finally leaving the flat lands behind and moving to Utah. My new job would be near Tremonton. I have been mountain riding for 8 years but only a few times per year during a vacation. I am looking forward to being able to ride all winter. I'd be open to hearing people's opinion on good...
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