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    Free Avalanche courses from Sierra Avalanche Center

    Check out Sierra Avalanche Center for FREE snowmobile specific Avalanche courses instructed by Duncan Lee and Travis Fiest. Provided by Lets Ride Adventures! These are AIARE courses and we are providing more than last year. So there will be 3 Avalanche Awareness classes, consisting of a3 hour...
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    Triple 9

    affordable, stylish, and they work! the saint or switch goggle frame from triple 9 is sick! I love the fire mirror lens for sunny days, they have a smoke polarized that is great for partly cloudy days, and yellow or clear for full storm days. don't drop a bunch of $ on goggles that don't work...
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    FXR tactic boa focus

    These boots are the best sled boots I have ever used, durable like moto boots, but warm and supportive so you can do anything! the boa system cinches down the cuff, and the lower foot area so your able to dial in where it holds you. durable, and the sole is tuff! you can't beat these up, and...
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    FXR mission lite pants

    I run the mission lite pants from FXR, they use ACMT and HYDR X technology.... what is this you ask? basically its a different way to make what goretex does... FXR funded their own advancement in moisture wicking, air flow, and keeping the elements on the outside so your dry warm and happy! the...
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    FXR base mid and everything

    OK so FXR make it all! I run a mono suit, but under it I run a mono base layer, no gap in my top to bottom and the weight is perfect. a 50% merino blend wicks moisture from my body and keeps me dry underneath. add a mid layer elevation fleece for those really cold days, but other wise this...
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    FOX rc2, toms emotion skid

    the most customizable adjustable shocks are the RC2 from fox. They are sick, you get to set rebound, and stroke, so your ski shocks preform how you want from start, adjust through the stroke, and then adjust how it finishes.... great for all types of riding styles! add in the Toms Emotion...
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    slydog hell hounds 8.25"

    these have been great skis for he past couple seasons, awesome float, and cut, they hold the line, and are responsive! initiate side hills and pow turns easy, and you get to customize the colors! I like these way more than the stock skidoo skis!
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    FLY bars and 3" risers

    Been running the FLY aluminum bars, with a 3" riser for backcountry and jumping, this is a great set up, I add bar hooks and trim the width to where I like it.... you get to customize the set up so how can you go wrong, I also like how it looks, and use billet kill switches so the control pod...
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    texas tea oil

    go to amazon, order Texas Tea 2-stroke oil and pay less for a 100% synthetic oil that you will be stoked on!!!! Ive been running this for 5 years or more, and in all my sleds.... no issues, and its not smokey and no oder...
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    Mvm belt drive skidoo

    ok in 2016 I went to a MVM motorsports belt drive system. it was the best upgrade I have done to a sled yet! instant response and made my sled feel very lively! made it run amazing! drops a ton of rotating mass, and over all weight.... at around 700 bucks you get an all new feeling powerful...
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    toms 3-d arms ramps set up

    If you have a 2016 skidoo or older then you need to check out Toms Snowmobiles clutch set up. He has custom 3-d arms, ramps, sets the spring and weights. I first did this to my 2012 free ride and my sled was a bat out of hell. we dialed in the pull so it was set up for backcountry riding and...
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    TSS strong boards

    ok so Ive been running TSS strong boards for a few seasons now and they have been awesome! they stiffen up the tunnel, and provide great traction. the bars are spaced good, and there is zero snow build up, they don't even ice up like some of the plastic traction I have used before. using self...
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    BC Link from BCA

    do you ride with radios? I hope so. How else can you communicate with your group in the mountains? The BC link radio system is hands down the best in two way radio comms. with the main unit stashed in your pack, and the mic clipped to your pack strap you don't need to take off gloves, or...
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    BCA float turbo 25

    Ok so I am a snowmobile specific AIARE avalanche instructor out of Lake Tahoe. I also ride film and travel all winter finding an assortment of terrain, and conditions. What pack and safety gear do I recomend and use? BCA. why because its tested, and it works. I ride with the Float Turbo 25...
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    2014 XM 154 for sale priced to go!

    Ok Ive been slacking about getting this on the forum. Selling my 2014 XM 154. This thing is the sickest sled that I have built yet. It has RSI bars risers, control pod relocation, and switches. Slydog hellhound skis, Toms Clutching 3-d arms, ramps, and springs. Toms Powderwedges that...
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