1. K

    Questions about my 1996 Indy Tran Sport

    I bought a used 1996 Polaris Tran Sport a little while back. The sled ran poorly, needing the throttle to keep it going. Once it had been running for a bit (don't know if I'd call it warm or not), it wouldn't restart. Plugs were wet...seems to me that it's flooding. It has never had any engine...
  2. H

    XTRA10 swap 1992 Indy trail 488

    Just wondering how hard it would be to swap a XTRA10 front end into my '92 indy trail. Will this possibly raise the front end at all? trying to stop the "shovel" effect at least a little bit.
  3. S

    2006 Ski-Doo Freestyle 300F

    2006 Ski-Doo Freestyle 300F **Sold** Got a young shredder? This sled is for you. Polished tunnel, 1 ½" Camoplast Intense track that tractors through the deep stuff, custom graphics, Pilot 6.9 skis with Shaper carbides, new cover on shaved seat, RSI bars and riser, Proven Designs LED...

    WTB lightweight wedge indy hoods

    Maybe someone has some outlaw composites or lexan wedge body Indy lightweight hoods in the rafters???? need a couple for summer projects! Curt

    WTB lightweight wedge indy hoods

    maybe someone still has some outlaw composites or lexan Wedge indy hoods in the rafters??? We are in need of a couple for summer projects. Curt
  6. P

    1998 polaris indy trail tourning 488 f/c mods

    I bought a 1998 polaris trail touring for 400 bucks. I’m just getting into mods and would like some tips on how to make this sled more off trail capable and lighter. One thing i would like to do is take the big bulky 2 up seat off and replace it with a smaller seat. I don’t want to spend too...
  7. S

    Primary Clutch Sheared

    HI, on my 2000 600 xcsp my drive clutch has snapped in half and now i cant get the half in the engine out. if anyone had any ideas on how to get it out, or this has happened to them please help. Ill have pictures shortly.
  8. M

    96 indy 500 doesnt rev over 6 grand

    my indy feels like it has a rev limiter at 6 grand it just sits there and wont go any further, i know they rev higher than that.... the motor is freshly rebuilt carbs set up nice runs absolutely great it just only goes like 35 mph cuz the clutch wont engage all the way from not revving up. ive...
  9. M

    WTB electric start kit - 93' polaris 488fan

    I am looking for everything i need except the battery (to save on shipping)... starter, brackets, wiring, ring gear, keyswitch, etc... gotta make the wife happy...
  10. S

    1994 Polaris Indy Sport 440 Two Seater Dies After Running for a Mile

    I have a 1994 polaris 440 indy sport. it starts and sounds great and idles fine. you can kill it and restart it with ease. the weird part is if you ride it for a mile plus and try and slow to a stop it will die and not restart until you let it sit for a while. the carburator on the mag side also...
  11. 0

    Idling problems with 98 Indy

    My friend has a 1998 in 500 that he recently purchased. It is a pain to start sometimes, and and idle it barely runs. It also does not sound right. I was thinking maybe the carbs needed to be synced or cleaned, or the jets changed? He doesn't know what jets he is running and he rides at 900 feet...
  12. westsledin

    3 polaris 500's

    The sleds: #1. is a '89 Indy Liquid cooled 500 133" track. I believe the track height to be 1". This is a stock sled except for the newer plastic skis with carbides and the 1" track and newer windshield. Asking $650 #2. Is a '91 Indy Trail snowmobile. This is a fan cooled snowmobile. This sled...
  13. westsledin

    3 polaris 500's

    I have an '88 indy trail w/133" track. Setup w/a 2-up seat. I have a '91 Indy 500 133" SKS. I also have another 91 Indy 500 with a 136" x-tra10 suspension. These sled are good running sleds that are great sleds for what they are. They have never faltered and just run and run. I want $500...
  14. D

    Polaris Indy Water Pump Install

    How hard is it? I have a 1997 Polaris Indy 600 and need to replaced the water pump. The dealer said it would be $600 for a brand new pump. I found one on Ebay and would to install it myself. Please help!
  15. I

    Big enough for an RMK 700?

    Currently, I drive a 1994 Indy Lite Regular (see at my profile garage), and I use it for going to friends houses, and mostly I drive it on the trails. My dad drives a 2000 RMK 700 (also see at profile garage) mainly for mountain use. For me becoming 14 years old this winter, I really enjoy the...
  16. westsledin

    500 twin pipes with stingers

    I have been using them on a '91 indy for several years. Repacked the stingers 3-4 years ago. Maybe 500 miles since repack. I believe they are SLP. I have everything but the springs. Better than average condition. Pics upon request. Folks don't believe it is only a 500. We are putting the...
  17. H

    Sno-Stuff Short Orange Windshield for Polaris Indy Sleds

    This is a brand new windshield. The plastic film was never removed. I got it for my 97 700 RMK but sold the sled before I could use it. It should fit most mid 90's Polaris Indy sleds, the original wedge style. $35 and I will pay the shipping in the contiguous US. PayPal is easiest.
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