1. B

    Gorgeous Montana Hunting and Recreational Cabin ONLY $245,000

    Immaculate Turn-key cabin ready for you to make those great MT family memories! This cabin is fully furnished and ready to go with power and all with the press of a button! Also included is a 6 person 2013 Polaris Ranger, GPS coordinates/directions to secret hunting locations/elk wallows/...
  2. S

    just a thought

    I know this is a sledding site but how about the off season? could you maybe consider an off season section? like for hunting fishing biking boating etc. And in the photo section, i see a general area, but how about an off season are as well? :tea:
  3. mtnpull

    My Mountain Goat

    Well, I just got back from spending a couple days up in the Uinta Wilderness area and here is my goat.
  4. mtnpull

    New Rifle

    I get to pick up my new rifle today. It has been at the gunsmith for a couple weeks getting some work done. Here's what I got. A Remington model 700 Sendero in 300 RUM. I had the gunsmith install a muzzle break, bed the rifle, install a rifle basix trigger and break in the barrel with a tubz...
  5. mtnpull

    Your Trophy

    Post up pics of your trophies. I was thinking along the lines of hunting trophies, but whatever it is to you post it up. Sleds, wife, gf, what ever. Here is a buck I took last year in Idaho. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have a pic of a Mountain Goat for y'all...
  6. mtnpull

    Look what I found!

    I hiked Hayden Peak this morning to look for some Mountain Goats and look what I found.
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