WTB lightweight wedge indy hoods

    maybe someone still has some outlaw composites or lexan Wedge indy hoods in the rafters??? We are in need of a couple for summer projects. Curt
  2. B

    Need Pro Body Panel

    Looking for a body panel like this for a 800 Pro. I need the left side panel... please help!!
  3. V

    Best way to drill lage holes in lexan hood

    I have a br tech lexan hood that i bought 4 2"id 3"od frogzskins vents for. Im not sure if i shoud make the holes the full 2" or less. I also have no idea what kind of bit i should use. A paddle bit or maybe a holesaw? I am really at a loss of what to use. Id apreciate any advice.
  4. V

    Wedge body parts?

    Well i rolled my sled down real icy mountain and now my hood and console are thrashed. I read somewhere that you could put a gen 2 belly pan hood and console on a wedge. Does this work the other way as well? It looks like it would be cheaper and easier to find a non running wedge than a hood...
  5. N

    2009 Dragon Hood NEW

    SOLDHood has never seen snow. It IS brand NEW. asking $350.00 obo. Contact Nick 250-768-4092
  6. D

    Mountain fit hood // install headlights

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fit headlights into a mountain fit hood? It has a delete kit in it currently and Im looking to put lights on the hood Has anyone done it? Picture of the hood http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/11621683/
  7. L

    New Carbon Fibre Hood for the Pro to be released soon.

    I have recieved confirmation of a new Carbon Fiber PRO hood coming to the market this year. It is smooth (so no snow retention), higher than the stock hood (does not dip down where the stock vents are), ventless, headlight less, smooth clean lines. I have asked the vendor for more info. Price...
  8. F

    Wanted black vmax 600 hood

    Any one have one of these around? It's for a yamaha vmax 600 1996
  9. S

    **Polaris Dragon Mountain Fit Hood**

    Hood includes hinges, vents, air box/intake, headlight, complete and ready to go. Open to reasonable offers. Located in SE Wa but can deliver between SE Wa and W. Wyoming Dec. 20th 509-531-9209
  10. J

    WTT 2013 XM summit Orange hood and side panel accents for Black ones.

    Just picked up a brand new 2013 Xm Summit and want to trade out the orange hood and orange accents around the foot boards for new black ones.These are brand new and would like to trade for the same. Anyone?
  11. P

    NEW Ski-Doo Hood 98-00 Summit or Grand Touring, Blue - $250 OBO

    I've got a brand new Ski-Doo hood sitting around collecting dust and ready for a buyer. It fits: - 1998 Ski-Doo Summit 500/583/670 - 1998-2000 Ski-Doo Touring / Grand Touring Pictures are attached. PM me if you're interested!
  12. F

    07 RMK 600, hood fits funny, tunnel 1/4" angle at rear?

    I have an 07 rmk 600 that has only 700 miles on it. Never been flipped or crashed. I noticed that the hood does not cover the side panels the same on both sides. Also when looking straight from the rear, it appears that the grab bar is lower on the right (and top of tunnel) by about 3/8". No...
  13. RobertTrivanovic

    Important decision HELP

    Alright guys, this is as close as a life or death decision gets for me and I need your help! I may or may not of hit a tree last winter breaking my hood, front bumper, and belly pan. Due to this incident that may or may not of been my fault (nobody else around 100% my fault) I ordered myself a...
  14. A

    09 white dragon hood

    selling my backup dragon hood good condition - 250 obo and can arrange shipping!
  15. RobertTrivanovic

    Thoughts on Br Tech hoods?

    Debating buying a hood from them, are their hoods strong and flexible? And can their venting hold up pretty good? Is the thrasher just a matte black hood or is there any other difference on why its so cheap?
  16. F

    WTB Nytro Hood and front bumper

    You guessed it, girlfriend tagged a tree. Need a front bumper (stock is fine) and a hood for a Nytro. Text me if you have a takeoff you want to part with. Thanks 970/275-5401
  17. D

    WTB M8 hood

    So....Following my buddy over a ridge and this was the result. Steep drop off and before I knew it, I was over the handle bars with my hood humping his bumper. I'd like to replace it with another sno pro hood but beggers can't be choosers. Let me know what you got! Thanks.
  18. M

    2012 white paint on plastic (1100t)

    Has anyone else had problems with the paint chipping off these sleds? The first day I picked up my sled last year I found a crack which turned out to be the paint chipping away. Now a year later the is paint coming off all over it. It's really bad where the plastic can flex or bend. I've tried...
  19. B

    For Sale: Rubber Hood Strap Kit (2 Straps, 2 Attachments)

    SOLD! For Sale: Rubber Hood Strap Kit (2 Straps, 2 Attachments) - Great Condition! I bought a M1000 a few months ago and it came with this hood strap kit. I’m building a custom hood that doesn’t call for straps, so I figured I’d sell them. They are in great shape, as was the sled when I...
  20. D

    05 King Cat Hood

    Selling a 05 King Cat Hood. Hood comes with the light and windshield. Does not come with gauges. Asking $250 or best offer. I have added 4 Frog Skinz vents behind the windshield and it has been notched out for a forward steering post. Pm your email so that I can send pictures. Shipping from...
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