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    2000 Polaris 700 RMK

    Im selling my polaris 700 Gen 2. Its been stretched to a 151 and has about 500 miles on a new engine. It also has -Slp Twin pipes -Team tss-98 secondary clutch -Slp Boost Bottle -2009 Dragon Skis -Stronger Radius Rods -Fly handlebars - Risers -New brake setup -New throttle block and throttle...
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    WTB: polaris gen 2 console

    Need one of these in a bad way. Cant pay an arm and a leg. Let me know the price shipped to 89815 spring creek ,NV please.
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    Wedge body parts?

    Well i rolled my sled down real icy mountain and now my hood and console are thrashed. I read somewhere that you could put a gen 2 belly pan hood and console on a wedge. Does this work the other way as well? It looks like it would be cheaper and easier to find a non running wedge than a hood...
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    Gen II right trailing arm

    Have a spare trailing arm from my 2001 Polaris RMK. This is in like new condition and has been in the garage since I sold the sled. Make an offer and pay for shipping and it's yours. Thanks for looking.
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    2000 polaris 700

    Hey guys ok this is what I got. Just bought a 700 Polaris gen 2 and the pervious owner parked it in a tree. What I'm looking for is radius rods upper and lower, Front bumper and the mag side hood rails and finally a shock with a blue spring. the hood rails I need are the black and silver ones...
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    trade XM Onyx raid + vehicle dock for shocks

    I want to trade my XM Onyx radio + vehicle dock for a very nice pair of front ski shocks for my 99 Gen II Chassis Polaris. The XM Onyx is new in the box, never opened. I'd like to trade straight up for the shocks, shipping included. If you have an excellent pair of shocks that would work on my...
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    HRP Boss Seat Purchase Kootenay-Stomper

    Kootenay-Stomper sold my 14 year old son a HRP boss seat that he said was damage free with no rips or tears in it. After he finally got this seat yesterday we discovered that the top front center of the seat had external shoe goo holding the big rip together. The seat also had some type of...
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