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    2000 Polaris 700 RMK

    Im selling my polaris 700 Gen 2. Its been stretched to a 151 and has about 500 miles on a new engine. It also has -Slp Twin pipes -Team tss-98 secondary clutch -Slp Boost Bottle -2009 Dragon Skis -Stronger Radius Rods -Fly handlebars - Risers -New brake setup -New throttle block and throttle...
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    WTB: polaris gen 2 console

    Need one of these in a bad way. Cant pay an arm and a leg. Let me know the price shipped to 89815 spring creek ,NV please.
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    Wedge body parts?

    Well i rolled my sled down real icy mountain and now my hood and console are thrashed. I read somewhere that you could put a gen 2 belly pan hood and console on a wedge. Does this work the other way as well? It looks like it would be cheaper and easier to find a non running wedge than a hood...
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    Edge seat?

    Do edge seats fit gen 2s ? I'm sure this has been asked or is common knowledge but I searched and came up empty. I'm mostly wondering if aftermarket edge seats will fit my gen 2. Thank you .
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    What front suspension?

    I ride a 01 rmk mod. The 800 triple in it just got a fresh top end and the sled runs amazing. But I hit a small tree yesterday and luckily the only damage was a huge bow in one of my lower radius rods. I'm wondering what rods will fit? Do they have to be off of a gen 2 rmk or any gen 2? Also...
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    Wtb boss high rise for Polaris gen 2 and Yamaha mountain max/viper

    Looking for a boss high rise or flat top for either a Polaris gen 2 or a Yamaha srx,mm or viper. I don't care what model seat it is or if it's faded or ripped. Let me know what you have I may even be interested in a standard height boss seat.
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    gen 2 mod chassie

    gen 2 Polaris rmk ,fabcraft tunnel, u cooler , hrp dropped chain case ,boss seat, holtz front and rear suspension, 163 power claw track, simmons skis(not on in the picture). the sled was set up with a big block twin Polaris and comes with a one piece motor mount plate . I am located in green bay...
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    WTB Old Gen 2 Tunnel Roll Grips

    Hello, This may be a shot in the dark but I am looking for a set of Tunnel Roll Grips that went on the old Gen 2 sleds. Happy with any color but really hoping for red. It is for daughter's sled am putting together for her she will need some traction on the tunnel. I don't care if they are...
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    2000 polaris 700

    Hey guys ok this is what I got. Just bought a 700 Polaris gen 2 and the pervious owner parked it in a tree. What I'm looking for is radius rods upper and lower, Front bumper and the mag side hood rails and finally a shock with a blue spring. the hood rails I need are the black and silver ones...
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    Are factory shocks rebuildable?

    My 2000 Rmk 700 is due for some suspension work, and I still have factory shocks on it and want to know if they are rebuildable. If not, what are some good replacement shocks?
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    2001 800 RMK Parts Sled

    I have a 2001 800 RMK for sale. The engine is bad so it would make a good part sled or if you have an engine to put in it would be a good sled for a buddy. It has fox shocks all the way around and a 151 track. message me for pics and make an offer
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    RMK "conversion" for 700 XC?

    Has anyone turned a 700 XC into a mountain sled? I know some of the stuff I would need but could use some helpful hints... I would like to put on the longest 2.5" track available. Also tunnel extension, riser, etc.
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    2002 RMK Handlebars & Windshield Suggestions

    Yesterday I rolled my 2002 RMK 700 and tweaked the handlebars. Does anyone have any good replacement suggestions? I'm anxious to also rise the bars above the 2.5" I already have to about 6" and should probably consider that when buying new handlebars. I notice a lot of people use ProTapers...
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    hrp 2 wheel axle kit questions

    Looking to buy this for my snowmobile. Has anyone used this specific kit? How is it? I already have the bracket and the big wheels, I have the three wheel set up, I want to go to the 2 wheel but i dont want to spend the money on billet products. Here is a link to them...
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