1. J

    2015 Skidoo Summit 800 154 Track

    For Sale: Super fun sled, runs great and has plenty of power to climb hills and go anywhere you want! Heated grips are great to have for really cold days. Has 2861 miles on it Pictures: Asking...
  2. J

    2016 Skidoo Summit 600 146 Track

    For Sale: Awesome sled, starts and runs great. Perfect sled for the family and anyone to ride. Equipped with hand warmers and reverse. Also is capable of mounting a second seat on it for two riders, has 2089 miles on it Pictures...
  3. XP Summit

    Bought a Pro....need to remove Electric Start

    Some how this got moved to the Swapmeet section. The ES is not for sale right now. I am trying to gather info as to how to remove it in whole and sell it down the road, vs just pulling it off the sled. Bugito made it very clear that removing for resale is a totally different conversation that...