1. O

    Cheap custom alternative to factory fuel filter setup

    Hi guys, I wanted to share my creation for my pro, I thought no way am I paying how much they want for another fuel filter, so what I did was removed the factory line, used a hand saw and Carefully cut the crimps off each end, just enough to get them to release. Then I removed the elbow into...
  2. estaked

    SPI Fuel Filter for Polaris

    SPI part # SM-07136 WPS # 12-1161 Still in the bag. $30. https://forwardpowersports.com/index.php/snowmobile/engine/spi-fuel-filter-hose-assembly-sm-07136.html Call/ text (541) nine13 - 8three4zero
  3. C

    2007 M6- No Power to Fuel Pump, ECU?

    Hey all- long time lurker, first time poster here. I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my wife's 2007 M6 isn't getting fuel. I recently bought this sled as-is (not running) from a friend who didn't feel like messing with it. After a few days of screwing around, here's what...
  4. C

    dragon fuel problems

    morning sledders, 05 dragon 900 EFI Jets?? lots of questions used sled wont stay running sled sat 6 seasons trying to get to the injectors and clean the fuel system, bought used and previous owner wont share anything with me. front of sled pipes removed, throttle body, exhaust reeds cracked...
  5. L

    Odd bogging with my 97 mxz x 440

    Just picked up a good condition 97 mxz x440 for $800 from some craigslist guy. He had it sitting on the shelf for 7 years and fogged it before storage. Brought it home and cleaned out the carbs and started and ran great. The fuel line in the tank was bad so I cleaned out the tank and put in a...
  6. S

    Mountain Addiction Track Rack

    Mountain Addiction Track Rack (Sold) Selling my Mountain Addiction Track Rack 3.3 gallon black can with the mounting kit for 2008 and newer Polaris tunnels. Used for 3 seasons and all parts are included $80 obo shipping included PM for inquiries Sold
  7. H

    Skidoo Gas Caddy

    Skidoo gas or fuel caddy. Like new and includes all mounting hardware. Will likely fit any Arctic Cat, Polaris or Yamaha as well. PM or text me with questions **435*232*6752**
  8. S

    2 Gallon Fuel Jerry Can fits 2008-2015 Summit

    SOLD The most compact gas can for your Ski-doo snowmobile. 2 Gallon Fuel Keg fits 2008-2015 Ski-doo 146", 154", 163" 174" XP or XM Summits. Includes mounting hardware and fuel cap. This is an early model and does not have the CARB fuel spout. Used this last season and like how this distributes...
  9. S

    powder lites turbo setup fuel problem

    Hey, last season I bought an 09 nytro with what I think is a powder lites turbo on it, it ran great all season, but when I went to start it up this winter it won't start. Starter motor is turning fine, I checked the plugs and they are dry, and firing. This is my first turbo anything and I have...
  10. B

    Carrying Extra Fuel Needed?

    Hey Guys, New to the pro rmk and turbos. Just wondering what fuel consumption is like with the turbod pros. I have a 14 pro rmk 163 silber kit with the secondary injectors and dobek controller. Do I need to carry a gas can to make it through a day of mountain riding? If so, what are you guys...
  11. 4

    Dyno Jet PC3 2008 Yamaha Nytro Fuel Injection Module

    SOLD* Dyno Jet PC3 2008 Yamaha Nytro Fuel Injection Module SOLD* Never been used, new in box. Tune your EFI and attach other Dynojet components with this PC3 for 2008 Nytro. I don't have a use for it so message me with your offer.
  12. D

    07 M8 Gas/Fuel Tank on 09 M8???

    Will a 2007 M8 Gas Tank work on a 2009 M8? I thought they were all the same but looking on an OEM parts finder online, they have different part numbers. Whats the difference. I just wrecked my sled and the steering post support ripped out of the tank, so i need a quick cheap solution and...
  13. M

    What should the fuel pressure be on 07 800r?

    I am in the process of troubleshooting a wot bog at 7500 that brings me back to a standstill, and a occasional hanging idle. Motor and clutches have only 200 miles since rebuild this summer by big John and has been running strong on previous rides. I decided to check fuel pressure, carbs off and...
  14. RobertTrivanovic

    European fuel

    Alright so I'm in Europe right now and driving buy gas stations I can't help but notice how right out of the pump they have 95 and 98 octane at all gas stations. I also can't help but notice that (assuming this issue is fuel) deisels don't smoke, or smell at all more then any normal car...
  15. J

    09 dragon fuel pressure gauge - worthwhile?

    I was thinking about installing a fuel pressure guage on my 2009 800 dragon. Has anyone done this and worth while? If so hard to install? Thank you
  16. C

    How to check for codes when sled won't start?

    Took sled out yesterday and it just stopped and wouldn't restart. How do you read codes when a sled won't start? Can you add a power 12V jumper to an accessory plug like the 9 volt attachment for the boondocker? I checked the spark it was good. When I initially pulled the fuel line away...
  17. C

    Crooked Creek Guest Ranch 2012 Conditions

    Come check out what Crooked Creek Guest Ranch on the Continental Divide Trail just out of Dubois, WY has to offer this season. Snow is finally coming....received 6" overnight, with more on the way the next couple days! A good 2 - 3' base is at the lodge, with more at higher elevations.Ride-able...
  18. C

    2010 m8 no start.... Fuel

    I have a 2010 m8, has been down over a year because I have been customizing it. all that the engine has is a dynojet power commader V box (tuned for 5000-10000 feet), speedwork pipes, boysene reeds and black diamond intake... Went to try to start it and won't fire. Pulled plugs, seemed dry...
  19. K

    help: 06 M7 randomly died (fuel, ignition, wiring ?'s)

    Problem: Riding down a trail, sled suddenly dies. I figure I accidently hit the kill switch which is exactly what it felt like. Nope, kill switch is up, key is on. Over the next 30 minutes I fiddle with connections pop the switch and key a bunch and manage to get it to randomly fire up just to...
  20. B

    Fuel in the air box?

    I've got a 1999 RMK 700 which is using tons of fuel (like 7 miles to the gallon) and it seems to be ending up in the air box. The sled had a huge leak in the rubber carb to engine gasket which I just fixed but it still is pumping mist out the wrong way from the carb when the air box is off. Also...
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