1. J

    skidoo summit for winter

    Hello! so winter is coming as yall might know and feel. And for the summer ive wanted snowmobile so bad as i drove a 600r summit g4 last winter and completly fell in love. So i was browsing the g4 summits and the cheapest i could find were around 11-12k (Finland) and as a college student im...
  2. M

    Polaris 13' Rmk boards in Switchback Assault?

    Has anybody tried to fit Rmk 13' boards in Switchback Assault? 13' Switchback Assault has horrible boards so I'm wonderin is that Rmks board swap even possible...?
  3. N

    Watercross races in Finland 2011

    No snow here so need to race without! With enough power and speed these guys do drag races as well as oval racing. I was there with a camera so if interested check these out. Watercross Kemijarvi, Finland July 16th - pics and results...