1. O

    Cheap custom alternative to factory fuel filter setup

    Hi guys, I wanted to share my creation for my pro, I thought no way am I paying how much they want for another fuel filter, so what I did was removed the factory line, used a hand saw and Carefully cut the crimps off each end, just enough to get them to release. Then I removed the elbow into...
  2. estaked

    SPI Fuel Filter for Polaris

    SPI part # SM-07136 WPS # 12-1161 Still in the bag. $30. Call/ text (541) nine13 - 8three4zero
  3. M

    What should the fuel pressure be on 07 800r?

    I am in the process of troubleshooting a wot bog at 7500 that brings me back to a standstill, and a occasional hanging idle. Motor and clutches have only 200 miles since rebuild this summer by big John and has been running strong on previous rides. I decided to check fuel pressure, carbs off and...
  4. D

    How to tell if the turbo bearings/seals are worn out

    How do you tell when the bearings and seals in the center of the turbo are worn out? I have a 2009 boondocker TM8 with 4000mi running 10-12 psi and am just curious if this is something I need to consider replacing this summer. Sled is running well, but i can feel a slight amount of play on the...
  5. M

    new oil filter in rev with air pocket

    so i installed a new oil filter in my 04 rev summit 800 and i keep bleeding the oil pump with the 8mm nut located at the front of the pump....there is a lil bit of air that will not come out of the filter...i premixed the gas at like a 50:1 just in case but dont want to run the sled with that...
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