1. K

    Electrical Issues 2015 600 Etec

    Good evening. Trying to get my sled back on the snow, but having issues. The sled is an electric start and cranks fine, but no lights, dash, or start. Friend brought over Candoopro and we got a code of P0608. So, I looked that up and it says: P0608 is bad wires/shorted TPS or ERave position...
  2. J

    WTB ECU 3006-654 or 3006-936

    Looking to buy an ECU to replace on 2004 Arctic Cat Mtn Cat 900 EFI. Went through the ice couple years back and can't get it to run right. Thread below shows what I have tried but just keep coming back to the ECU must be screwed up from the water...
  3. J

    WTB ECU 3006-654 or 3006-936

    Looking to buy an ECU to replace on 2004 Arctic Cat Mtn Cat 900 EFI. Went through the ice couple years back and can't get it to run right. Thread below shows what I have tried but just keep coming back to the ECU must be screwed up from the water...
  4. C

    2007 M6- No Power to Fuel Pump, ECU?

    Hey all- long time lurker, first time poster here. I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my wife's 2007 M6 isn't getting fuel. I recently bought this sled as-is (not running) from a friend who didn't feel like messing with it. After a few days of screwing around, here's what...
  5. R

    My 2018 Gen 4 Needed a New ECU from the dealer floor

    Almost had my new '18 Summit on my truck but the shot wouldn't fire up my sled after it had been running for 10-ish minutes. The shop had to order a new ECU unit for it. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. B

    decisions decsions

    I purchased a 18 ktm 450 xc-f. having trouble deciding which route to take for the air forks: air pro, spring conversion, or the trio. cost does matter but less then making the right call. I would also like to purchase an ECU Raze or PR2 ?
  7. M

    PR2 RACING, Revolutionary New Technology available !!!

    Hi everyone, I am excited to introduce the most revolutionary technology now available for all snowbikes. PR2 Racing has been developing a snowbike specific ECU for the last year and is now making it available for purchase. Jeff Pineheart, the owner and engineer of PR2 Racing, has an...
  8. G

    WTB - ECU for 13, 14, or 15 Polaris Pro - working

    I am searching for a 2013 - 2015 Polaris ECU that is in working condition. Want to change out my ECU so can get it programmed by Silber Turbo. Let me know what you got. Thanks!
  9. B

    2014 Pro Rmk Silber Reflash Final Adjustments

    Hey Guys, I'm headed out to Revelstoke this next Wednesday. I just finished doing the ECU reflash with bigger primary injectors, eliminating the fuel controller and secondarys. I also did the oil pump delete upgrade last year. Just wondering if there is any final adjustments or tweaking that...
  10. sledhed

    2008 Dragon with Carls 860, new top end, now it won't start... HELP

    Need some HELP - suggestions welcome on what to look at next. Have an 08 Dragon with an 860 Carls in it. It was due for a new top end so I pulled the top end, put new Carls (Wiseco) pistons and rings in it along with new wristpin bearings and all gaskets of course. Reassembled everything...
  11. G

    13' Pro 800 ECU and Seat

    Looking for a 13' Pro 800 RMK ECU and a 13' or newer seat. Let me know what you have. Send me a PM. Thanks.
  12. D

    Dakota Performance project sleds for sale.

    Hi, This is Jason from Dakota Performance and we are selling several of our project sleds to make room. All of these sleds are our own projects that started out with a specific goal while keeping the sled driveable, reliable, and as easy to own as a stock sled. All of them have made multiple...
  13. R

    2004 Yamaha Venture fault code

    I am getting a fault code 8 steady flashes with the temp light. The temp sensor checks ok. the wires ohm out shorts. I even tried a different ECU. The snowmobile is doggy it will not advance with full throttle. I went ahead and did a compression check just in case and all is good...
  14. RobertTrivanovic

    Possible WTB ECU 07 M8

    I havnt figured out if my ECU is shot yet but if it is once I find out I want to have options right away so im posting this add now. Anyone with a 2007 M8 ECU they want to sell?
  15. 0

    2003 Polaris RMK 800 CDI ECU and Harness

    2003 Polaris 800 RMK CDI ECU & Wire Harness CDI ECU computer module ignition control and wiring harness for 2003 Polaris RMK, NOT A PERC REVERSE harness or unit. Came off VES engine approx. 1500 miles on it when replaced with PERC unit $50.00 Offers considered! Photos Available email me...
  16. C

    How to check for codes when sled won't start?

    Took sled out yesterday and it just stopped and wouldn't restart. How do you read codes when a sled won't start? Can you add a power 12V jumper to an accessory plug like the 9 volt attachment for the boondocker? I checked the spark it was good. When I initially pulled the fuel line away...
  17. R

    2007 M100 ECU

    NEED HELP, 2007 M1000 ECU I had the ECU burn up on my 07 m1000, was wondering if there is a common problem or what would cause it to burnt up. Hate to spend almost $1600 for a new on and have it burn up. The only thing that im running is a air/fuel gauge and boondocker box. Also if anyone...
  18. C


    So I was riding my sled when it went completely dead out of no where. pulled it over a few times and none of the electronics were working. I had this problem before when my voltage regulator fried, had a spare so I installed it and it started up but then 5 seconds later smoke started coming from...
  19. V

    FYI: looking for standalone distributor in Washington State and british columbia

    guys, if you know some good tuning shop in Washington state and/or British Columbia, please email me( the name and phone number and contact.......5 distributors have already joined the dance but those two areas are still open......we are sending out first batch of ECU next...
  20. B

    M8 ECU (square)

    This is an ECU off a 08 M8 (square) removed from a running sled with no damage 250.00 + shipping. I have many other M8 parts just ask. P.M. me with questions
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