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    WTB: polaris gen 2 console

    Need one of these in a bad way. Cant pay an arm and a leg. Let me know the price shipped to 89815 spring creek ,NV please.
  2. V

    Wedge body parts?

    Well i rolled my sled down real icy mountain and now my hood and console are thrashed. I read somewhere that you could put a gen 2 belly pan hood and console on a wedge. Does this work the other way as well? It looks like it would be cheaper and easier to find a non running wedge than a hood...
  3. S

    WTB yellow rev console

    i have a 05 rev summit x with a yellow hood and black console. wanting to buy or trade a yellow console for my black one. let me know buy or trade thanks.
  4. S

    WTB or WTT rev console summit x

    i am looking for a yellow console for my 05 rev summit x. i have a yellow windshield and black console, wanting a yellow one. if you have one and are looking for a black one let me know. or just one to sell too. thanks
  5. N

    WTB polaris center console and radius rods

    I need a center console for gen II, XC(99-02) or Edge. I also need the lower radius rods for a Gen II. They are the style with the ball joints on each end. Thanks
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