cat m8

  1. Tonysnoo

    Two M8s (one turboed), Trailer, Sled Deck, Gear, etc.

    I have two 156 M8s (with electronic reverse), Trailer, Sled Deck, Lots of gear. Turbo M8: OVS style turbo package with some of my own drivability/reliability mods: Tial 2871 - 4" Intake housing w/fresh CHRA,.. Single throttle body system w 4 injectors,.. Intercooler, Fueling programmed for...
  2. J

    M8 stalls at 4000 RPM

    I have a 2011 M8 with no mods and 2500 miles. Yesterday, I rode for about 3 hours during which time it ran fine. Suddenly it bogged down and died. Started first pull, but then would bog when RPMs got up to 4000. Every time it died it started on first pull. I was able to nurse it back home...
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