1. M

    New Camoplast 151 track

    I have a new Camoplast track 541-2443. It is 151 X 15 X 2.4 with 2.52" pitch. New never been on a sled. $450 obo + shipping. make / manufacturer: Camoplast / Polaris model name / number: 541-2443
  2. L

    2013 Polaris 800 Pro RMK 155" LE w/Extras!!!---SOLD!!!

    For sale is the pictured '13 Polaris 800 Pro RMK 155" with Limited Edition colors. This sled comes with many extras and has been meticulously maintained since I have owned it. The following are the specs of the sled: - 2013 Polaris 800 Pro RMK 155" LE w/ just over 2400 miles & 160 hours - Oil...
  3. W

    2017 Camso DTS 129

    2017 Camso DTS 129 Snow Bike Kit: It's looking to be a great winter! Make it even better by converting your dirt bike to go play in the snow. This Camso kit is by far the best bang for your buck. It performs just as well as kits that cost twice as much. The track design and function is second to...
  4. 906wildchild

    Camoplast x3.2

    I recently installed the camo X3.2!! I have yet to test it out in any kind of deep snow but the install went good, only a few hours, and the track looks whicked on the Proclimb! Has anyone put some miles on the track on a PC? What other modifications work good with it? I'll try to post more...
  5. T

    Talon M66.6 track

    Talon M66.6 track, has anybody bought one of these tracks? Thinking about putting one on my assault 155"....
  6. gr8skidoo


    SOLD!!!!!CAMOPLAST PEAK 163 X 2.50 16 WIDE 2.86 PITCH PEAK 2.5 S/M TRACK $450 now SOLD!!!! Dropped price to $450.00 54-9177 ONLY $649.99 INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING RETAIL IS $1199.00 CAMOPLAST 163 X 2.50 16 WIDE 2.86 PITCH PEAK 2.5 S/M TRACK Vendor Part #: 9177M We can accept Visa pay-pal check...
  7. G


  8. C

    From 2.5" to 3" Camoplast

    On my 2007 arctic cat m1000 162 i have a 2.5 inch lug on my track and wanna go to a 3". is there anything i need to change or can i just swap out tracks.
  9. A

    151x15x2 2.52 pitch Camoplast Challenger Fingers

    151"x15"x2" finger track. Less than 700 miles on this track. A few broken fingers here and there, but overall in good condition. $150 + shipping. Track is located in Bigfork, Montana. PM me if interested.
  10. P

    camoplast 163" extreme 2.5" lugs missing one lug in boise, ID $400

    Selling a camoplast 163" extreme series track off a 2009 800 dragon turbo. It is in great shape, missing part of one lug ( NOT DOWN TO FIBERS). Track has about 500 miles on it, ran 8-10# the whole time. Great track, putting sled back to stock. Make me an offer. I will ship. Call 208-880-6439 I...
  11. P

    Assault 2012 Track

    I am going to be swapping my comp track out at the end of this season for something softer, if anyone wants to buy let me know. What I want to run is a 3in pitch CE track, I saw that they don't offer it in a 155 only a 153 for the cat. Can I do something to mod my rails for a 153 or am I stuck...
  12. T

    151x15x1.5" Camoplast "Cross Coutry"

    I have a used 151x15x1.5" Camoplast "Cross Country" Track. It has the 2.52" pitch. Selling it because I wanted a 2" Paddle. This track is awesome if you do a little trail riding along with some offtrail. There are no missing lugs or clips. Also no rips. There are some cracks in a couple lugs...
  13. N

    Most efficient snowmobile track? Lowest durometer?

    I'm taking part in a university project where we are building a robot weighing about 500 pounds. This robot will be running in the snow and have tracks on both its sides (tank style). The robot will run on solar power and will only reach a maximum speed of 5 mph. We are looking into running...
  14. C

    Track making process

    Was just curious if anyone has firsthand knowledge of how companies like camoplast make tracks. I am curious because I have read posts about how they don't make this track or that track because it is to expensive or how a 2.52 is stronger than a 3.0 pitch because it isn't made on a drum or...
  15. A

    Best Mountain Track for Pro Assault 155" ??

    Looking to swap my 2011 stock Assault track for something that will do better in the powder. I Live in Northern Utah and am lucky to ride the steep and deep several times a week. What is the best track to swap to that will still do DECENT on tracked out snow?? Stock Pro Track? Camoplast? I...
  16. jgd

    159" x 2.0" x 2.52

    I have a punched and fully clipped 159" x 2.0" 2.52 pitch Camoplast for sale. Part number is 679-9884. It is “used” with a small nick in the outside lugs on the one side. I would grade the track as being in very good condition with no missing lugs, tears, etc. Asking $285.00 + shipping. Thanks.
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