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    Timbersled Swingarm Bushing Failure

    Anyone else had this happen? Bushings on my 2016 TS Short track seem to have completely failed on the last ride. I have about 25-30 hours on the kit. It rode okay but felt SUPER sloppy. I'm worried that my swingarm bolt is damaged from this. First, an animation showing the bike getting...
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    WMS seering support?

    Hows this thing install? Do you have to cut the top of the post off to slide the bushing on or hows it work? Ive dine some reasearch and this part sounds like it works very well and id love to run it just cant find anything about how to install it. http://www.sno-tek.com/product_files/sptblk.jpg
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    Recoil Bushing for 2007 and newer Cats

    Replacement recoil bushing for 3007-307 recoil (most 2007 and newer models) Use snap ring pliers to remove the old bushing and install the new one. Why buy a $250 new recoil when all you need is a bushing?? Made of billet 6061 aluminum for years of use. $35 shipped Call Jacob @...
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    BParks Delrin Bushing Install Pics

    Posting these install pics for BParks, please direct any inquiries to him via PM.
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