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  1. dhtrailer

    Logan Coach 33′ Z Broz Edition Horse Power

    You ask for options, and here it is, plus Call for the "Deep Snow Discount." The All New 2020 design from Diamond H Trailer Sales…this trailer has it all and ready to go…Winter or Summer…This trailer is a 33′ Box Length**33′ Box with 31′ Flat Floor** It includes the awesome Z BROZ PACKAGE with...
  2. J

    Fun Audiobooks I produced

    Hi All, I had 2 new audiobooks become available in the last week Father of the Bride of Frankenstein by Dan Kimmel Definitely the funniest thing I've narrated so far. In 1818, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, creating the iconic concept, and incidentally creating modern science fiction. In...
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