1. Roundy800

    Quickdrive belt

    Have a brand new never used Polaris quickdrive belt # 3211146. For a pro chassis $100 shipped lower 48.
  2. sledhed

    For sale: Brand new Polaris Pro quickdrive belts (one new, 2 used)

    For sale: Brand new Polaris Pro quickdrive belt, without the fastener package (you should probably use ARP upgraded bolts anyway). Spare belt, never on sled, only rode around in the truck as a spare protected in a bag so it also looks brand new. Part number 3211167 on the belt. Check the...
  3. D

    2014 rmk gear down

    I have a 2014 rmk 600. It has stock gearing right now but I want to gear it another tooth down for more low end torque. Was wondering if anyone had some input of this idea and could help me out on what kind of gearing would be best.
  4. N

    Brand New 3211115 Drivebelt

    For Sale is a brand new Clutch Drive Belt, part #3211115. Still in the factory sleeve, Asking $140shipped OBO. Text 541-285-7225
  5. B

    Belt life on new team clutches

    Whats everyone getting for belt life on the team clutches on the 16's and 17's ? Coming off of a 2015 the past two seasons and now have a 17 MC. Curious on belt life.
  6. N

    Brand New Clutch Belt 3211115

    For Sale is a brand new Clutch Drive Belt, part #3211115. Asking $140obo + shipping. Text 541-285-7225
  7. S

    Correct belt number for 2012 800 sno pro

    I'm new to this site and just purchased a 2012 800 Sno Pro 162 with 900 miles. I need a new spare belt. It currently has a 083 on it and a burnt 083 spare. The local arctic cat dealer said I need the 084 but couldn't tell me why. I researched and the 083 is $69.00 and 084 is $140 from ebay. Can...
  8. V

    01 rmk 800 mod belt help

    I have a 01 polaris rmk mod chassis with an 03 xcr 800 tripple in it. Im having issues with what belt to get for it. The one on it started to fall apart right where the numbers are on it. I can tell its 321xx98. Going off of the spare and the number that came off oem for an 01 rmk 800 im...
  9. S

    Melted secondary rollers??

    I took my 09 M8 turbo up today, and got to where we were gonna go off into riding terrain... Belt blew going 5 mph. Looked at it, realized my both of my clutches were burning hot. I also noticed that my rollers were melted. I just did an over haul on this sled, I didn't take the secondary apart...
  10. P

    Weird sound coming from belt.

    Hey guys, I just changed my belt on my 2010 mxz x and I noticed that in the 4,000 to 6,000 rpm range there was a loud ringing sound coming from where the belt is. I was wondering if anyone knows what this is and will it f*ck up my sled? Thanks- Paul
  11. J

    Torque limiter lets loose=Damage!

    My Polaris '99 XCR700 suddenly decided that the torque limiting plate, adjustment knob, and rubber bumper didn't want to be attached anymore. All the pop rivets tore out, allowing the plate to come free and lodge in the 2ndary, grinding up the 2 faces of that clutch and shredding a new...
  12. 2Huskies

    Delaminated Belt, who else?

    So yesterday I was out riding my 2009 Nytro with MPI's stage one kit on it. And at the end of the day less than 2 minutes from the trailer I hear this loud thunk sound from the sled. I stop immediately and look around, dont really notice anything ( I honestly thought it was a chunk of ice that...
  13. M

    Blowing Belts

    I have a 2014 Freeride 154, and am loving it. But I just blew a belt at 205 miles. Seems like belts should last a little longer than that, since they cost so much. Any ideas of what could be wrong, or what to do to get better life out of the belts?
  14. A

    URGENT! best Pro!?

    veteran polaris owners needed - please advise on 2013 pro rmk 155 trying to find a reliable sled for the next two years in alaska. here are my options that I need to decide on this week or pass them up 1) 45 miles, wrnty expires oct 2013, stock: $9600 2) 945 miles, wrnty expires nov 2016, few...
  15. J

    intake,belt,and suspension questions 08 m1000

    i have a 08 m1000 snopro 162 i just got it and it has a slp can, y pipe,alot of venting ,aftermarket secondary, fox floats,newer seat, bar risers,gauge cage, ecu update thats all the mods as far as i can tell i was wondering if i can ditch the hood intake and keep the stock air box with a...
  16. A

    Arctic Cat Drive Belt CLEARANCE *Tons of sizes*

  17. B

    WTT brand new A/C 036 belts for 046 belts

    I have (4) brand new, in the sleeve, Arctic Cat 036 belts I would like to trade for new 046 belts or sell for $40 each. Call Kent at 206-384-6786.
  18. P

    Blowing Belts Please Help 04 800 RMK Vertical Edge 159

    My brother has an 04 800 RMK Vertical Edge 159 that is an absolute beast, but we've been having some issues with belt wear. Now this time he let me bring it up to the lake so friends could ride and now its my fault. Could there be something causing belt to blow prematurely? I'm thinking the...
  19. P

    Polaris 3211115 Belt New Take Off

    Sold thanks snowest
  20. L

    Clutch Slipping and Squealing

    I noticed after I bought my 07 IQ 440 that whenever I go hard on the throttle, the belt makes a squealing sound and it's very annoying. It doesn't make the noise when I'm driving at a steady speed or at idle, but whenever I try to accelerate faster it does. I know they're still the original...
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