1. R

    Tracker DTS Beacon

    Two for sale, $125 each. Call or text 701-220-6508
  2. 4

    Used avalanche gear- Float 22 air bag/Tracker beacon/ shovel & probe

    Selling all my used functional avalanche gear. Will sell separately or as a package deal. BCA Throttle Float 22 avalanche air bag with fully charged air cylinder ready to use. Has compartment for shovel and probe as well as large compartment for other necessities - $400 (will include BCA BC...
  3. FirstPlaceParts

    20% Off BCA: Beacons, Communicators & More

    We are having a 20% OFF Sale on many BCA Essentials: Beacons, Probes, Communicators and more. Here is a link to the BCA Sale: BCA Avalanche Gear Sale Thanks Mark
  4. FirstPlaceParts

    20% Off BCA: Beacons, Communicators & More

    We are having a 20% OFF Sale on many BCA Essentials: Beacons, Probes, Communicators and more. Here is a link to the BCA Sale: BCA Avalanche Gear Sale Thanks Mark
  5. FirstPlaceParts

    BCA, Ortovox, Pieps & Mammut Beacons

    We carry BCA, Ortovox and a couple more beacons. Here is a link to our Beacons: Avalanche Beacons Thanks Mark
  6. FirstPlaceParts

    Avy Gear: Bags, Probes, Beacons, Shovels & more!

    Full selection of Avalanche Gear is in stock, here are some links to all our Avy Gear: All our Avalanche Gear BCA Avalanche Bags ABS Avalanche Bags SnowPulse Avalanche Bags MotorFist Avalanche Bags Avalanche Beacons Avalanche Probes Avalanche Shovels GPS Tracking Devices Survival Kits...
  7. estaked

    Recall of Orthovox S1+

    Saw this on another post but wanted to let others know that there is a recall on this beacon. I searched but didn't find another thread. Just started the process on mine. more info on orthovox's page here
  8. FirstPlaceParts

    Avalanche Beacons, Spot Locators & 2-way comunicators

    We have a good selection of Avalanche Beacons, Personal locator beacons and two way communicators. BCA, Ortovox, Spot, CommRider & Uclear. Here are a few links to each of these products: Avalanche Beacons Spot Communication Device Two way communication Take our Snowmobile Survey for a chance...
  9. OEUnlimited

    Used bags, beacons for sale

    We are starting to list our off-rental gear for sale, now that the season is winding down. Tracker 3's: 1 rental season, $250 Tracker 2's: 1 rental season, $195 Tracker 2's: 2 rental seasons, $180 Float 27 bag w/ cylinder: 1 rental season, $550 Float 32 bag w/ cylinder: $450 to $495 * full...
  10. FirstPlaceParts

    Black Friday Avy Gear Sale

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday avy specials are going on now. Airbags are on sale, beacons are on sale and BCA Gear Packages are on sale, use the link below to check them out. Avalanche Gear Sale
  11. OEUnlimited

    Avalanche Rentals - Add-ons

    New for this season - rent avy gear and get some cheap add-ons. Add a GoPro Hero3 Black camera package for $30 Add an ACR ResQlink PLB/Personal Locator Beacon for $25 Add a Delorme InReach SE Satellite messenger for just $45 (with 1,000 bytes of data included) Also, rent more and save...
  12. T

    Avalanche Safety Seminar - Mike Duffy - Wisconsin

    FREE Avalanche Safety Seminar! Engelhart Center of Madison, WI is hosting a free avalanche safety seminar (performed by Mike Duffy) on November 12 (6 PM to 10 PM). Click here to sign up. Engelhart Motorsports Co is hosting Mike Duffy's excellent Avalanche 1 seminar. If you live in the...
  13. OEUnlimited

    Rentals - beacons, airbags, shovels/probes, GoPro

    Things book up quick, so make your reservation today! 2013/14 Rental Rates: Large order discounts: over $100, get 10% off, 15% off $150, and 20% off $200 And add a GoPro Hero3 Black rental to any avalanche rental for only $39 BCA Float 22 & Float Throttle: 1WK: $59 2WK: $75 3WK: $89 4WK...
  14. Sled Idaho

    Survival On Snow (SOS) F1-ND Beacon---SOLD!!!

    For Sale: Two (2) Survival On Snow (SOS) F1-ND Avalanche Transceiver Beacons. Both in perfect working order. Just put new batteries in them and they are ready. We purchased new ones last spring and don't need these anymore. SOS no longer makes these. Here is a good page for more...
  15. M

    K2 avalanche ball

    Does anyone have any info on avalanche balls....It seems to be used primarily in Europe at present with good sucess in the aiding of finding avalanche victims. I think it would be great if somehow it was able to be integrated into an avalanche backpack. I don't really look at the avalanche...
  16. OEUnlimited

    Off-Rental Sale - cheap airbags and beacons

    We are clearing out some off-rental items, so this is a great way to save - BCA Float Throttle or Float 22 Airbags with Air cylinder included - $525 Free shipping, like new condition, with all manuals, cylinder box, refill kit, etc. BCA Tracker 2 Avalance Beacons - $219 With holster, manual...
  17. A

    F/S Ortovox Zoom Beacon *New* $215 Shipped

  18. FirstPlaceParts

    $50 Off BCA Tracker 2 Beacons - Free Shipping

    We have the BCA Tracker 2 in stock and they are $50 off Retail and it ships for free to all 50 states. BCA Tracker 2 Other Links: Email Signup Snowmobile Catalog
  19. skiutahcabin

    Pieps DSP 2012 $339 Brand New

    This is for a 2012 Pieps DSP Brand new in the box, we have extra of these, retail is $450 shipping is probably about $8 out of SLC text me 801 859 2535 Also have a brand new Pieps Vector for 490
  20. S

    Mammut Barryvox Avy beacon - used $210

    I had brain surgery and am forced to sell my gear. I have a Mammut Barryvox avy beacon. It uses 2 AAA batteries. I never used it for a real search, and hope you won't need to either. But you should have one. You can pay via paypal, or I can deliver on Eastside of Washington state.
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