1. Tonysnoo

    Two M8s (one turboed), Trailer, Sled Deck, Gear, etc.

    I have two 156 M8s (with electronic reverse), Trailer, Sled Deck, Lots of gear. Turbo M8: OVS style turbo package with some of my own drivability/reliability mods: Tial 2871 - 4" Intake housing w/fresh CHRA,.. Single throttle body system w 4 injectors,.. Intercooler, Fueling programmed for...
  2. MTNTK

    Overheating Problems in Marginal Snow?

    Looking for the ultimate solution for your overheating problems in marginal snow conditions? Let’s face it, with a 3" track marginal snow conditions are any time you are on the trail! By installing the MTNTK performance Tunnel Cooler you will double your cooling surface area and coolant...
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