1. Sled Solutions

    Seat Central for Yamaha 4 Strokes

    Seat Concepts purchased another company who once made all of these seats and they've brought them back. 14-18 business day delivery. Please feel free to visit our website for more details...
  2. M

    Want to buy. 8fs clutch or 8fp weights yamaha

    Looking for a good set of 8fs or 8fp weights to buy or trade. I have a set of 8bu loaded up. Only 200 miles on them.
  3. S

    2007 attak gt running board ideas

    Just woundering if anyone has or makes the running boards that will just let the snow fall through them or if anyone has made their own?
  4. A

    2006 Turbo Apex 163 $5000 WA

    On the block is a blue 2006 Apex mtx 163 with a McXpress 290hp intercooled turbo professionally installed with only 1400 miles. I also have the 2stage controller if you want to run ethanol and boost to 325hp.... I have never seen the need. A true Revelstoke sled. The turbo setup was over 9K...
  5. S

    2007 yamaha apex boondocker turbo

    This sled is a 2007 Yamaha apex Mtx special edition with fox shocks has 1504 miles. I run the sled at 10 psi boost on pump gas witch is about 250hp. with the Electronic boost control the sled automatic raises or lowers boost as you gain or loose elevation. At the touch of a button you can run up...
  6. S

    174 inch VanAmburg Tunnel for Apex

    Hey guys, I have a brand new Custom 174" VanAmburg tunnel built in 2010 for a Yamaha Apex. The plan was to build an apex turbo, but never got around to it. I also have a set of 174" rails that can go with it. Retails over $2,500, looking for $1500 OBO. PM me if you are interested or have any...
  7. S

    F\S 2007 Yamaha apex mtx

    ,Nice apex for sale with only 1400 miles motor is all stock. Has Hartman clutching also geared down with a 162x2.5x16 camoplast extreme track. Simmons gen 2 skies. Sled is in excellent shape. This would make a great sled to ride as is or for some one looking to build a reliable turbo sled. I can...
  8. D

    apex parked for 3 years

    hello, i am currently looking at a used 2007 apex mountain se. the owner said he stored it properly and that it has not been used for 3 years. is there any reason to stay away from this sled. i am unfamilar with four strokes and i am slightly concerned that maybe sitting for so long could cause...
  9. B

    2006 Yamaha Apex Mtn

    2006 Yamaha Apex Mtn 1433 miles, includes spare belt Sled is located in Woodland, WA-Exit 21 I-5 Sled is stock except for the following add ons 1. High lift jack- $395 2. Deep snow vent kit- $110 3. Front ski mount ice scratchers- $70 $4400
  10. P

    Parting out a 2003 Yamaha RX1 1000CC 151" low miles not wrecked

    Parting a 2003 RX1. Has 23XX on sled. Motor is for sale, but as a complete long block only. Sled is not wrecked, has some minor damage shown in pics. Sled is NOT a vector, despite the hood. Track is decent shocks are good Clean sled over all Would sell as a roller. Selling...
  11. G

    08 Yamaha Nytro

    Great sled. A few little extras and some custom work. Asking $6200 obo. Call Dennis @(509).993.9365 for any other info or questions. Located in Deer Park, WA. Can Deliver to some areas. 3400 miles 156x16x2.5 Challenger Extreme Custom A-arms moved ahead 3in. (Handles way smoother now) Custom...
  12. G

    06 Yamaha Apex

    Lots of extras and some custom work. Asking $5800 obo. Call Dennis @(509).993.9365 for any other info. Deer Park, WA. Can Deliver to some areas. 3400 miles 162x16x2.5 Custom exhaust Custom tunnel 4-pass cooler Snow Eliminators Timbersled Mt. Tamer Rear Susp. Ice Age rails Anti-Stab kit 9" MPI...
  13. C

    2010 MCX NYTRO trade for turbo apex or sell

    This is a 2010 nytro se 162 with a mcx 240 pump kit. sled has ice age rails, skinz seat, skinz airframes running boards, mileage is 3500 ish, the sled is in need of a track as this one started to delam itself. starting price $10500
  14. G

    2007 Yamaha Apex Mountain SE Low miles

    2007 Yamaha Apex for sale or trade. Has super low miles at 700 miles. Was in the process of building it for a turbo. But ended up buying the new cat with a turbo on it from the factory. It has a Simmons rear suspension that is adjustable for ski pressure. It is a really nice suspension rides...
  15. R

    2006 Apex 153"

    Selling my 2006 Apex. I bought it three years ago as a 121" Apex GT and turned it into a crossover sled. Been riding it ever since and it's been a great sled. The Polaris suspension has tipped up rails in the rear, so the 153" length doesn't kill its trail handling. I'm trying a Nytro this year...
  16. Bearclaw Powersports

    2006 Yamaha Apex MT: Electric Start, Reverse, Long Track, 4 Stroke

    ****** 2006 Yamaha Apex Mountain: Factory Racing Blue __******* 2006 Yamaha Apex Mountain: Blue & Black, 150hp, 162” Track NW Montana $5500 Are you looking for a nice affordable mountain sled? This sled is pretty much all stock with all the goodies and tons of potential. Easy to adjust...
  17. G

    2007 Yamaha Apex Mountain SE Low miles

    2007 Yamaha apex Mountain SE. Has a boss seat and a tunnel dump exhaust with a Yoshi tip on it.Tinted headlights that still work super good.Simmons Skis to match sled. It also has a Simmons rear skid/suspension, That is designed for turbos. You can't buy these from any where. The suspension...
  18. F

    F/S Front Mount 4 Tube Turbo Header

    This is for an apex. Going with Mid mount style. Asking $450
  19. C

    Set up Help??

    I have a 2006 Yamaha Vector Mtn and am headed to Island Park Idaho. I am wondering what the best set up is for clutching when around 5-8K feet of elevation. What springs and weights work best? I do not want to run stock as I want the sled to engage a little later for the deep snow. Any help...
  20. C

    Vector Exhaust

    Im looking to put an exhaust on my 2006 Yamaha Vector Mtn. I am trying to figure out which is the best one to go with to give it a little better sound then OEM and give it a good grunt. Also if anyone has one for sale? Thanks for the help
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