aftermarket skis

  1. caproskis

    VIDEO: Testing out the new Boondocking Skis

    Check it out!
  2. caproskis

    Updates to our website

    Just a heads up to all that we have now added new mount kit installation instructions per sled make and model in order to help the end user easily install his or her skis. These new instructions can be found on the resources tab on our website, or under the resources tab on each individual mount...
  3. caproskis

    Hello World!

    Happy to be a part of this forum and associated with SnoWest! Please check out our website if you haven't in a while as we are continually making updates and improvements. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here, send us a private message, email...
  4. 9

    Opinions on Replacement Skis

    Guys, As a short track rider on a 900 Fusion, I realize most of you on SnowWest are powder riders with a little time on trails. Yet, you guys know your chit!! This weekend, I hit some bumps really hard and managed to knock the tractor out of alignment and I found the the side wall of one of my...
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