1. J

    Will never motors fit on a 13 pro chassis

    Hey everyone, so I recently bought a used pro rmk 800, and first ride I went to take it on after purchasing it the thing blew up. Brought it to my local Mechanic and he said everything is garbage in it, he have an estimate of around 5 grand to fix it when I paid 5500 for it so no too thrilled...
  2. estaked

    SPI Fuel Filter for Polaris

    SPI part # SM-07136 WPS # 12-1161 Still in the bag. $30. https://forwardpowersports.com/index.php/snowmobile/engine/spi-fuel-filter-hose-assembly-sm-07136.html Call/ text (541) nine13 - 8three4zero
  3. S

    2015 800 Polaris Pro RMK Terrain Dominator 163"

    Great condition, all stock. Just cleaned and inspected both clutches and replaced springs. Replaced quick drive belt. Runs great. 2500 miles. Comes with spare belt, tunnel bag, and cover. $5200 obo email for pics or info. smtntaylor@gmail.com
  4. J

    2016 Skidoo Summit 600 146 Track

    For Sale: Awesome sled, starts and runs great. Perfect sled for the family and anyone to ride. Equipped with hand warmers and reverse. Also is capable of mounting a second seat on it for two riders, has 2089 miles on it Pictures...
  5. T

    2009 dragon 800 turbo, altitude change

    Hey guys. Running 09 dragon 800, boondocker turbo kit, controler, boost controler, and timing modal. Running 105 octane. I just recently moved from colorado to new Hampshire . Boondocker isnt being much help. Trying to get a set of starting numbers and they claim they dont have any for low...
  6. M

    2008 M8 with OVS Turbo kit for sale or trade for proclimb

    I have a 2008 M8 with an OVS turbo kit, sled has 17xx miles super clean and a great looking sled, one of the best looking M-chassis out there! Sled has fox shocks all the way around, 09 A-arms, 09 skid, Vanamburg tunnel, SLP Powder pro skis, Boss seat, Headlight delete kit, Vent kit, Pure logic...
  7. C

    Check engine light/ Top end cut out

    Just replaced my relays since my screen cut out on me. screen kicked back on but check engine light is on and it is cutting out on the top end. Would TPS be causing this or should I just get the computer scanned? looking for any type of direction on this. seems like its not getting air or too...
  8. 1

    2012 PRO RMK running horrible

    So I bought a 2012 pro rmk 800. Has slp stage 4 kit on it. Every since I had it the sled would bog when WOT from a dead stop or would bog when WOT in general. Changed fuel filter and it did not work. I Was riding in the UP this past weekend and got the sled stuck. When I tried to start it again...
  9. M

    2009 Polaris Assault- Timbersled $4750

    2009 Polaris Assault 2100 miles 2010 Engine upgrade kit SLP Pipe/silencer combo Fox Evo Shocks Fiberglass lightweight hood (comes with stock red hood as well) Timbersled rear suspension Drop and roll kit 2.5" Camoplast track Better board running boards Timbersled wrap Polaris gas tank holder...
  10. S

    Handle Bar risers for 2018 Pro 800 RMK "163

    Looking to get a good handlebar riser 2 inches roughly . Im 5'4 so I don't need a 6incher that's for sure. First time ordering one up so wondering if anyone has some good suggestions. Would I need cable extensions also with just a 2inch?:juggle:
  11. P

    mid range bog, dies when warm, first pull restart

    Good Morning, I am having some issues with a 2012 assault 800 and need some help. The sled starts and runs fine for 6-10 minutes with a slight mid range bog. Pulls 8,150rpm with no problem but occasionally has a "dead miss" and comes right out of it in the first 6-10 Minutes. Fast forward after...
  12. P

    Air in coolant when warmed up 2015 pro rnk 800 turbo

    This is my first post hello everyone. I appreciate any help I can receive here. Here is the issue. 2015 My Polaris pro 800 163 turbo Air is bubbling in coolant tank only when sled is heated up to 120 the point on the thermostat opening. If you go to open the coolant with the sled cold...
  13. raptobob

    2010 Polaris Dragon 800 pipe and muffler

    Stock pipe and muffler from a 2010 Polaris RMK Dragon 800. Good shape. $50 plus shipping. PM if interested.
  14. L

    2013 Polaris 800 Pro RMK 155" LE w/Extras!!!---SOLD!!!

    For sale is the pictured '13 Polaris 800 Pro RMK 155" with Limited Edition colors. This sled comes with many extras and has been meticulously maintained since I have owned it. The following are the specs of the sled: - 2013 Polaris 800 Pro RMK 155" LE w/ just over 2400 miles & 160 hours - Oil...
  15. B

    What turbo is this?

    Hey Everyone, New to the forum and my first post :) I just picked up a 2015 Pro-RMK 800 w/turbo but the dealer didn't know anything about it other than run race fuel. Anyone know what this is by chance? Really appreciate any input or thoughts.
  16. A

    Need help 2010 dragon

    So I've got this problem I've tried literally everything possible and the dealer told me the same thing. I've got a 2010 dragon the crank cases are bad on and I need to know if 09 cases are the same I'm being told no but they can't tell me why one person said the injector spacing is different...
  17. 4

    2014 POLARIS PRO RMK 800 155 - $7000 OBO

    See my Craigslist add at: http://helena.craigslist.org/snw/6071024468.html Thanks!
  18. N

    2003 Polaris Vertical Escape Part Out

    Having a hard time posting pics here, but if you give me an email, I can send them to you (I can't text them though). Blew up the top end and toasted a cylinder, so parting it out. Make an offer on any components you need: -2001 700 RMK Bottom End (it had a motor transplant) is still good...
  19. J

    2005 RMK 800 3500.00 obo

    2005 rmk 800 151 track electric start 3" handlebar risers timbersled barkbuster suspension, left hand throttle, 3328 miles, new pistons jugs at 3000 miles,wired for electric face shields storage cover,windshield bag. 25three two 7 seven 1 five 0 5
  20. C

    Installed SLP intake...not reaching peak RPM/ power loss now; any advice?

    Hey everyone....just looking for some advice. I recently installed the SLP intake kit on a 2012 Pro 800 in order to help eliminate bog in deep powder and now I seem to have some power loss; I'm only reaching about 7900 RPMs at full throttle. Never had the problem before, my clutch is weighted...
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