1. B

    2006 Polaris 700 no spark

    Problems all started when heated grips shorted and caused gauges to go out. Headed back to the truck and died on trail. Stator checks good and so does regulator.
  2. N

    2003 Polaris Vertical Escape Part Out

    Having a hard time posting pics here, but if you give me an email, I can send them to you (I can't text them though). Blew up the top end and toasted a cylinder, so parting it out. Make an offer on any components you need: -2001 700 RMK Bottom End (it had a motor transplant) is still good...
  3. S

    2002 Polaris RMK 700 144"

    For Sale by Owner: 2002 Polaris RMK 700 144" track. Good condition. Starts right up. Extras: 2" handlebar riser Tunnel Bag Muffpot Goldfinger Left-Side Throttle Underhood gear bag (great for extra tools, etc.) Simmons Gen 2 Flexi-Skis $1600 Located in Mt. Vernon, WA. (360) 202-9598
  4. R

    2000 Polaris 700 RMK

    Im selling my polaris 700 Gen 2. Its been stretched to a 151 and has about 500 miles on a new engine. It also has -Slp Twin pipes -Team tss-98 secondary clutch -Slp Boost Bottle -2009 Dragon Skis -Stronger Radius Rods -Fly handlebars - Risers -New brake setup -New throttle block and throttle...
  5. T

    4 Polaris Edge sleds for sale. $1500-$2300 obo

    I have 4 Polaris edge chassis sleds for sale. I have a 2002 snow check red 156, with the following extras. It has a Timbersled light weight front end, Fox floats on front, twin pipes, SLP air horn kit, lefty throttle and Boss high rise seat, Asking $2300 obo 2003 Polaris Vertical Escape 159...
  6. S

    99 rmk 700 slp pipe help

    Hello I have a 99 rmk 700 I am new to upgrading sleds and would like some input on the slp single pipe set up. I am buying a full slp single pipe set up part#09-719s and after reading other posts I am a little confused on whether I can just slap it on and ride or if I need to make modifications...
  7. N

    Crossfire700 in powder

    Is a crossfire 700 with a 136 track any good off trail?
  8. I

    How do I ditch the ACCS on my 00 RMK 700?

    Im getting fed up with my ACCS (shocking that I still use it now). It worked up until the end of last season and it started running super rich. Since it backfires and runs rich, I want to jet the carbs and just change the jets when I go to wyoming. But Im not sure what to do with the hole in the...
  9. S

    Polaris 700 Turbo

    My loss, your gain. Over $15,000 invested in this sled originally. I paid $4,500 for it 3 years ago. Must sell by the 5th or I will be trading this sled in on a new one. Immaculate Polaris 700 Turbo. This is the cleanest sled you will find. All parts on this sled are new and updated to...
  10. T

    2002 Skidoo Summit 700

  11. H

    07 Dragon 700 vibration..

    Recently redid the motor on my 07 dragon 700 after the crank snapped off and the clutch came flying out the side panel... I have it all back together everything went smooth and took it out for a ride last week and now it has a weird vibration coming from under the tunnel.. First off I checked...
  12. T

    2006 700 BB Injector Question

    On the 2006 CFI-4 700's which injector is the low speed and which is the high speed? Upper vs. Lower Also, at about what RPM do they switch from the high speed to the low speed and vice versa? my sled runs like crap and mostly on one cylinder until I make it to about 4400-4500 RPM and then...
  13. R

    2000 700 bogs in powder BAD

    Hey guys i have a 700 gen 2 with slp twins in it. This is the first year running it and im kind of having problems with the motor. Whenever i hit to deep of powder the motor bogs down. It wont build revs and i have to turn it off and sit for 5 10 minutes before it runs right again. i took the...
  14. L

    WTB reliable VES 600/700/800 for '04 Edge

    Lost my Carls 660 to crank bearing failure. :( Now need something to bolt in to replace it... anybody got anything from that era that's reliable for sale? PM me. I'm located on the Wasatch Front, willing to pick up within reason.
  15. S

    900 cfi fit in a 07 dragon rmk

    I was wondering if a 2005 900 CFI engine and 2007 700 CFI are built with the same block. I'm thinking about swapping my 700 out with a 900 in my 2007 Dragon RMK chassis. I'm just not sure if the block and engine mounts from the 900 are the same as the 700. I would like it to be just a bolt in...
  16. M

    RkTeck high comp M8 motor swap with pipe can boondocker box

    Hey i have a 08 Sno Pro M8 with an Rkteck head on my bottom end. whole motor has 1200 miles on it. Also included Speedwerx Pipe Jaws Can Boondocker box and intake. Looking for 2500 obo. located in north Idaho Can ship give me a call or text 208-819-3695. Can send pictures.
  17. E

    WTB 2009 700 cfi motor

    I have a 2009 IQ chassis with all the electronics for the 4 injector engine but no engine. If you have one, shoot me an email at eugohmas@gmail.com. thanks.
  18. R

    2000 polaris 700

    Hey guys ok this is what I got. Just bought a 700 Polaris gen 2 and the pervious owner parked it in a tree. What I'm looking for is radius rods upper and lower, Front bumper and the mag side hood rails and finally a shock with a blue spring. the hood rails I need are the black and silver ones...
  19. tdblakes

    2009 700 RMK 155 - WI

  20. V

    Couple 700 comparison Qs

    I've been riding the mm700 that I sold to my old man because my rmk blew up. The mm has slp pipes and a 151 track. I've been riding with an 06 rmk 700 with a 151 and an 03 viper with a 144 They are both bone stock The rmk is way more powerful and climbs better than both yamahas this isn't to...
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