1. R

    DET again

    Ok so I got basically a multirace winning shell/B.motor for free and completely built it up with all new and aftermarket: Billet head (sea level)[new](87 octane here in Nome, AK, we add octane boost, maybe I need to mix some AVGAS 100oct? Head I think is very high compression [I'll re-test psi]...
  2. R

    +7,200 rpm WOT top end bog/skipping

    +7,200 rpm WOT top end bog, sounds like a belt/track skip? unheard of? Oddly at the same time the Dash cluster RPM fades after 7200 rpm, signifying odd/unstable RPM #'s while the motor just rips... causing the skip, vibrates the whole sled, and is quite aggressive to feel, right after the...
  3. R

    2010 IQ CFI4 swap into Pro R CFI4?

    2010 IQ motor CFI4 swap into Pro R CFI4? Somehow my old motor that I sold for less than core value, bad crank, found it's way back to me... oddly enough it was casted on my 07/26/10 birthday, so that's how I know. eats pistons, and I found a local IQ CFI4 600 for $200. - just need to know if...
  4. H

    Snopro 600 2009 mountain project

    hi starting my summer project. I am about to put a 153" skid and track with a tunnel extension into my 09 snopro 600 xc. What's the easiest way to go, rail extensions or a m8/m800 skid? Also upload photo's and tell me how you did! thanks
  5. R

    It Dies!!! 10-12 motor swap

    Ok... Did a 2010 (blown) motor swap to a 2012. EVERYTHING has been replaced from fuel pump to all Electrical, all fuel elements including injectors. Has V force 3r reeds. I knew the TPS was way off so I got it adjusted and the only difference was I can WOT to 5xxx rpm (new motor, not broken in...
  6. K

    Electrical Issues 2015 600 Etec

    Good evening. Trying to get my sled back on the snow, but having issues. The sled is an electric start and cranks fine, but no lights, dash, or start. Friend brought over Candoopro and we got a code of P0608. So, I looked that up and it says: P0608 is bad wires/shorted TPS or ERave position...
  7. R

    Exhaust sensor

    My exhaust sensor got its tip bent when I did a motor swap, still reads temp (it shows temp on the dash, idk, that could be a coolant sensor), new one in the post office. Just curious... what consiquenses are susceptible with a bad exhaust sensor.:spider:
  8. R


    So... Acquired a 2010 Polaris Rush Pro R 600 with bad crank, got a 2012 motor sent up here to remote AK. Did the swap, new SPI pistons & one cylinder was bad, compression tested it to 50-90psi, other cyl 120... sent the bad one to Darby's Performance in Fairbanks who returned me a used/honed...
  9. R


    I’m currently looking to get onto an iqr with them being my favorite sled since I was like 5 in 2005 when they came out until 2013. With that being said I have three options there is a very very clean 2005 IQR 600, a fairly clean 2008 iqr 600(needs track,skis) and a fresh 2013 that’s well...
  10. R

    Polaris 600 liberty engine for saleSOLD

    I have a 600 carb engine out of a 2007 IQ RMK with 2800 miles, 700 miles since crank was rebuilt. Top end in good condition when crank was rebuilt. Good compression in both cylinders. Comes with all attached parts recoil, carbs, exhaust valves. $1100 plus shipping.
  11. R

    Polaris 600 engine big block for sale

    I have a 600 carb engine out of a 2007 IQ RMK with 2800 miles, 700 miles since crank was rebuilt. Top end in good condition when crank was rebuilt. Good compression in both cylinders. Comes with all attached parts recoil, carbs, exhaust valves. $1100 plus shipping.
  12. XPMT

    2016 Arctic Cat M6000 Limited 153 - Brand New

    2016 Arctic Cat M6000 Limited 153 - Brand New. This sled has the C-Tec2 engine, Fox Evol shocks, and Team clutches. Extras include: Skid Plate, Spare Belt, Tunnel Bag, Handguards, and a 2 Year factory warranty. My wife rode this sled for a few laps around the parking lot this past winter and...
  13. XPMT

    2014 Ski-Doo Summit XM 600 SP Etec 154

    2014 Ski-Doo Summit XM 600 SP Etec 154 - SOLD *SOLD* 2014 Ski-Doo Summit XM 600 SP Etec 154. Only 79 miles with 63% break in left and in excellent condition. Only selling due to my wife not riding it enough. Extras include: Electric Start (also includes pull start) DJ Clutch Kit (also...
  14. S

    2013 Polaris RMK 600 144 - Bad Crank - Jackson WY

    2013 Polaris RMK 600 144 Currently located in Jackson Hole WY 3100 miles Bikeman can Motor needs a crank - other than that sled is in working order and in good shape $2,900.00 Call or text 330.608.1545
  15. L

    Clutching advice

    I have a 2013 pro rmk 600 that i ride at around 600m, i currently run 10-62 weights and a blue/pink primary spring and completely stock secondary with a new spring. I have decided to get an slp mtx 65gram weight to put in it and i have no idea what spring i should put in the primary, i...
  16. P

    LOW MILE 2015 2014 2013 Polaris Rmk Pro-ride 600 800 part out

    I have parted out 2 complete 2015 Polaris Pro Rmk 600 (50 miles) and a 2013 Polaris Pro Rmk (421 miles). I ship all my items within 24 hours of full payment being made with a tracking number given to the buyer. Text me at 208-965-4285 Alex Thanks. I also have parts for the Dragon, and Edge...
  17. NapaMatt

    600 CFI 4 Owners....

    Hello If you owned a Polaris 600 CFI-4 Any of the years.. 2007 Thru 2012.. I am wondering if any of the years had a better Map... I am thinking maybe the 2012.. Model would have the best.. maybe for Fuel Mileage.. But maybe the year 2007 had the best map for Power.. Any...
  18. acwyo

    2009 Arctic Cat M6 153

    SOLD Selling a 2009 M6 153 with 812 miles. Newer model seat, 2012 Skis, RK Tek secondary conversion, and premium cover. Central Wyoming. $3500 obo. Call or Text 307-751-6343
  19. L

    Problems with clutch heat

    I have an 2013 Pro rmk 600 and im having problems with super hot clutches, The search function is not working for me atm. The only thing that isnt stock in The clutches are The primary spring that is changed to slp blu/pink, im ridning around 1200-2000 foot and using 10-62 weights Im pulling...
  20. P

    Polaris Axys RMK Pro 600 Pipe and Can?

    SLP, Do you guys have plans to build parts for the new Polaris 600 mountain sleds, if so when? I am most interested in a lightweight can. I know 800s are all the rage, but there are a lot of 600s out there too.
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