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Arctic Cat: M Series 2005-Current, all models in the M-series chassis
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Default SLP stage 2

I am curious as to has had personal experience with running an SLP stage 2 or 3 kit in there ho m8, cuious as to how there mapping is? Is it really plug and go or how much fine tuning goes into it? I have been around allot of tuning and don't want to go that route this time around on this sled
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Hello Dilly,

As no one else has posted on this, I thought I might just give you my 2 cents on the stage kit mapping. I have been around each of our stage 2 and stage 3 kits on the Arctic Cat since we started building them for the 2007 M8. Creating these maps required countless hours in the shop and on the snow to get it right, but once we are finished, they are spot-on.

Sometimes there are slight differences from one sled to another where it might work a little better with a change to the mapping that comes with the kits, but that is the rare exception. If you do have any problems, our tech department will gladly help give you some direction. Most often, the throttle position settings on the PCV are the culprit and will need to be synchronized to the throttle position voltage on your sled. We have also seen some issues with the throttle cable being too loose, causing runability issues. If you are looking for the most trouble free setup, I would recommend sticking to the components in the SLP stage kit that goes with the mapping we have designed for it, as additional parts may require different mapping. (if you have any questions about this, please give us a call)

FYI - While the 2007-09 doesn't require any additional fuel mapping for the stage 2 (stage 3 for this model does require the PCV with mapping), all the other stage 2 and 3 kits for the Arctic Cat 800 models do need different mapping.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Adam Wood
SLP Sales Manager
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