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Default 05 Fusion blinking headlights and cluster

Hey gang, new to the site been reading a lot up on some of the Polaris Fusion 900 issues they have been having from 2005.
I have recently have been chasing an electrical issue with my sled, would be driving along after it’s warmed up at operating temp and the headlights and dash cluster would cut out and not come back on unit I **** the sled off for a couple mins and restart and all would be fine till about 10 mins later it would do it again and again, rinse repeat. Sled never just down or loss power the hole time it did this. I brought it to the dealer and they found flywheel chaffed off on a brown wire, made a repair didn’t fix the problem and was told the regulator was fried. Replaced the regulator and sled fired up but head lights were blinking fast and hole gauge cluster would sweep and blink and at annidle it would say I was doing 25mph, looked over wire harness and found 2 open wires and repaired wires and replaced chassis relay, headlights still flickering and gauge blinks and sweeps but I bring idle up to about 2200rpm it all settles out, on one side of the harness I have 14.2v and up at the headlight connections I only have less then 8v. Before I replaced regulator (Twice) I had 13.8v-14v at headlight connections. Brought it back to the dealer and was told the tower on the stator that controls the dash and headlights was burnt out and needs a stator and another dealer tells me I need a capacitor. I NEED HELP....
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